advice about your coworkers

Need advice about your coworkers? Here are answers to questions from dealing with a coworker who sings all day, to interrupters, to credit-stealers, and much more.

my coworker is spreading a rumor that I have bulimia

A reader writes: I really need some unbiased advice here as I am really struggling with a situation at my job but at the same time love my position and don’t want to leave. I’ve been at my current job for just over two years. Initially, I really enjoyed my job and my coworkers, but […]

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my kind, caring colleague wants to heal my MS

A reader writes: I was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after a long period of treatment for increasing pain, joint deformation, and immobility. After the diagnosis, I told my boss, HR, and the team of four that I manage. Since I don’t want this to be seen as weird or embarrassing or something to tiptoe […]

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I broke my leg, and my team barely acknowledged it

A reader writes: I’m a high-performing individual contributor in a small firm that is 100% remote. Our company culture really prioritizes teammate health: we put our therapy appointments on our calendar, take calls from the gym, and offer to pitch in for colleagues when they’re sick or just need bandwidth to deal with personal issues. […]

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a coworker is harassing my neighbor (who is having chemo)

A reader writes: I live in a high-rise condo complex and work for a prominent and large (10,000+ employee) healthcare system. My condo complex has a listserv that gets sent to the 1,000 or so residents — unfortunately with very little moderation. Over the past few months, but particularly today, somebody who works at my […]

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