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Looking for crowdsourced wisdom? Here are reader discussions about life at work.

let’s hear your funniest office holiday stories

In the spirit of the holiday season, I want to hear about office holiday-related debacles. Did a coworker throw a tantrum when she didn’t win a raffle? Did your CEO send out an epic email demanding apologies for bad behavior at the company holiday party? Did your boss celebrate the season by offering poinsettias in exchange […]

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what do you wish new grads learned in college?

A reader writes: This might be an “ask the readers” question — what do managers (and coworkers!) wish new graduates would have learned in college? I teach a lot of first- and second-year college students, and I try to incorporate professional norms into my classes and course design. I begin each class period with a […]

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how to run a tiny business that isn’t an iceberg of dysfunction

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I was really interested by the recent discussion in the comments on your post about the small business owner who gave his “best bud” as a reference, and how very small businesses can be Icebergs of Dysfunction. It would be amazing to have more of […]

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has anything spooky happened to you at work?

Have you ever worked somewhere rumored to be haunted? Felt a spectral tap on the shoulder as you worked late on expense reports? Heard the clank of chains over the intercom or seen the spirits of managers past in the bathroom mirror? It’s Halloween, so let’s hear all your stories about spooky experiences at work. […]

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is contract-to-hire worth it?

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I’ve been at my current job for about three and a half years, and have been in my current position for almost two of those. In theory, I know that I should really like my job; it involves some of the tasks that I am […]

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requesting accommodations at work: share your experiences

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I’m about to start the process of requesting accommodations at work. I’d like to hear about people’s experience doing this — what they asked for, how they asked for it, and what the outcome was. I’m interested in stories in general, but especially if anyone […]

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