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if you were an RA in college, now is your time to spill

Were you an RA in college and do you have stories? We want to hear them. On last week’s post about misusing power for good, one commenter contributed this: Junior year in college, I befriended our RA. There was a room between mine and the RA’s, and two students who liked to “study” to loud […]

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let’s talk about people “misusing” their power for good

Last week we talked about the smallest amount of power you’ve ever seen someone abuse. But people can also use even small amounts of power for good — like the crossing guard who wasn’t really a crossing guard, or the graphic designer who sabotaged a homophobic group’s ad in her newspaper. This week, let’s talk about times when […]

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what’s the smallest amount of power you’ve seen someone abuse?

Remember the person whose company accountant was nitpicking his travel expenses to the point of responding to a $12 Chipotle tab with,”Ordering extra guacamole is wasteful of member dues”? Or the weeks-long battle about the purchase of a $10 calculator? Or the admin who wouldn’t give anyone a new pen unless you turned in your old, […]

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