bad advice

There’s a lot of bad job search advice out there, even from the internet! Here’s how to spot bad job advice — and what to do instead.

should my cover letter explicitly ask for an interview?

A reader writes: What is your opinion on asking for a job interview at the bottom of a cover letter? I can understand that small to mid-sized companies are more likely to respond to this. However, I’ve been applying to bigger, corporate companies with online application processes. It seems almost useless to add this line […]

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what’s wrong with “do what you love,” how employers can get your salary history, and more

A few miscellaneous things — 1. Advice for employers who want job candidates’ salary history I love this article from Suzanne Lucas (of Her editor sent her my article on how job seekers can avoid giving out their salary history, and suggested that Suzanne write an article telling hiring managers how to get candidates to […]

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why is there so much bad job advice out there?

A reader writes: Yours is the first advice I have ever come across in job searching literature, dictating that that the job seeker should NOT end a cover letter with a promise to call in a few days and schedule a time to meet. Most of the books and articles I have read on this […]

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should job candidates bring PowerPoint presentations to interviews?

A reader writes: A recent applicant brought a PowerPoint deck to an interview that basically walked through a presentation of her resume, information about herself, and why we should hire her. She referred to it as a “take-away presentation” and said her professors in college advised her to create one for each interview. The only […]

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