being the boss

All your questions about being the boss, answered — like dealing with low performers, lateness, weird feedback, and more.

is my employee lying about needing sick time?

A reader writes: I just took over job duties for a departing manager and inherited a new employee. He does a generally good job, although I have had some concerns about his work ethic (that’s a different story entirely that I plan to address). This employee is a huge sports fan, and his favorite team […]

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I found out my employee is job-hunting

A reader writes: I ran into a former employee, Cindy, at an association event for my field. Cindy casually mentioned that she is in a job hunting group with Jane, a woman I manage. Apparently it is a very active group — they meet weekly, set goals for numbers of jobs researched and applied to, […]

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how do I tell an employee that I’m not promoting him?

A reader writes: I am in a tough position. I have decided to not fill a position for a team leader rather than hire the sole internal candidate for the role. My reason for not hiring this person is because I need someone who will mentor the new members of the team, and my concern […]

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what consequences can managers enforce instead of firing someone?

A reader writes: I’m a new manager and I’m wondering about consequences. When an employee is not meeting expectations, you frequently mention that a manager should clearly explain the potential consequences if the issue is not fixed, up to and including letting the person go. What are those consequences prior to being fired? I’d like […]

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my employee bothers her coworker with constant questions

A reader writes: I manage two employees who share an office. Jane is a long-term employee and stellar worker. Katie is a new employee in an entry-level assistant role. Jane has been venting that Katie peppers her with many intrusive questions. For example: “Who was that on the phone?” … “What did you just print?” […]

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