external recruiters

am I wasting this recruiter’s time?

A reader writes: Is it unprofessional to talk to a recruiter at another company even if you have no immediate plans to leave your current job? A recruiter contacted me online about a position and wants to call me to discuss it. The job sounds like it might be more interesting than my current position. […]

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am I annoying my recruiter with weekly follow-up?

A reader writes: Just before Thanksgiving, I had an initial phone interview with a company. It went well and in the first two weeks of December I was called back for a second and then third interview, as I was up for two different slots in this company. Since then, I was told I was […]

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when a recruiter misleads you and wastes your time

A reader writes: I’ve been fully self-employed as a freelancer for about three and a half years. Over the last year, however, my income has dropped by a good bit (thanks to moving and to the economy). I’m doing fine with what I’m making, but it feels like that could change any time. In a […]

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