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8 tips for starting your own business and not failing horribly

If you’re thinking/fantasizing/wondering about ditching your job and going to work for yourself, here are eight tips to make it go as smoothly as possible. 1. Try it on the side first. Rather than ditching your job and then setting up shop for yourself and just hoping that the clients come, try out your business idea […]

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should I do free work for the exposure?

A reader writes: In my spare time, I am a youth event planner. Today, I was contacted by a large event company who found me through a mutual business connection and asked me if I would do an unpaid 20- to 30-minute nationwide podcast explaining how to plan a weekend youth event, so that other […]

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how to break up with a client

A reader writes: I have a question that seems as though it should be a snap, but is throwing me for a loop. Several years ago, I left a full-time job in order to freelance, and my most recent employer has remained one of my clients. I have been handling an ongoing series of projects […]

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what to think about before launching your own business

I see this advice all the time — “Can’t get a job? Become an entrepreneur.” There’s no question that it works for some people, but it’s far from being universally applicable. Starting your own business is hard, and it’s not for everyone. It’s not as easy as just having a skill and selling it. You […]

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