law + order

Wondering what’s legal and illegal at work? Answers to your questions about law + order at work.

should I disclose my depression to my boss?

A reader writes: Does it ever make sense to let an employer know that you suffer from depression? I take an antidepressant daily. I’m not seeing a therapist. I would call it more of a functional depression, where I can live with it, but at times it can feel worse and I have to force […]

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my new team is taunting me because I have a nut allergy

A reader writes: I have a nut allergy and carry an epipen. It’s never been an issue in the 12 years I’ve worked for my company. I have recently been promoted to a new department. As usual, I explained to the manager I have a nut allergy but it doesn’t effect anything (i.e., it’s not […]

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no one knows their legal rights at work

When I started Ask a Manager 13 years ago, I didn’t realize how often the questions I’d receive would be rooted in a widespread lack of knowledge about the legal rights Americans do and don’t have at work. Every week — probably every day — I receive questions from people who don’t realize something their […]

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my new boss is an elder in a sexist church

A reader writes: My new boss is an elder in his church which has very old-fashioned beliefs about women. They believe that the role of women is to obey their husbands unquestioningly and more or less only speak when spoken to, at least when there is a man present. I don’t have a problem with […]

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my boss is discriminating against my pregnant employee

A reader writes: We have a colleague who has just left to spend a year working remotely (well, we’re all working remotely now!) so he and his wife can live near her family for a year. We needed to split his role into two anyway, so we hired someone, “Jane,” to take over his day-to-day […]

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