law + order

Wondering what’s legal and illegal at work? Answers to your questions about law + order at work.

my new boss ran his own background check on me

A reader writes: I have worked in my department in a large organization for 17 years. A coworker was promoted to be my boss. I suffer from PTSD, depression, and anxiety, and while having a high-stress day, I was called to his office. I just needed a half day to take a timeout and speak […]

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my employees got into a religious argument and now things are in chaos

A reader writes: I have a situation regarding a argument regarding spiritual/religious beliefs in my office. I’m a team lead and oversee 10 people. I have two employees, Fred and George, who are the office jokesters. Both are liberal practicing Muslims. Another employee, Harry, is a practicing Wiccan. Recently there was a situation where Fred […]

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my VP of HR says my service dog is too small

A reader writes: I work for a small-ish company (80) people. I have epilepsy and I have a seizure alert dog. She can detect when I am about to have a seizure, which helps me get somewhere safe (she’s alerted when I’m on the stairs so I know to sit down immediately, or if I’m […]

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boss organizes a poker game to determine end-of-year bonuses

A reader writes: Is it legal for my husband’s boss to have his employees play poker to determine their bonuses? The backstory begins last winter, when a declaration was made by the owner of the company, “Michael,” that Christmas poker would be played in the office! So Michael walks in like Santa Claus with thousands […]

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how will the vaccine mandate work exactly?

Earlier this month, President Biden announced an (excellent) series of measures to combat Covid-19 more aggressively, including a mandate that many employers require their workers to be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. At New York Magazine today, I explain how it’ll work: What does the mandate require and who does it cover? What if your […]

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my employee is paranoid — can I help or is it not my business?

A reader writes: I lead a small team of four: two assistants who I supervise, and one colleague at my level but who doesn’t have supervisory duties. Because we’re a small team that likes one another, our meetings usually end with personal chatter—nothing boundary-crossing, just normal friendly updates. One assistant, Georgia, has a bit of […]

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