law + order

Wondering what’s legal and illegal at work? Answers to your questions about law + order at work.

can my company require employees to get the Covid vaccine?

A reader writes: My employer just issued a company-wide Covid vaccination mandate requiring all employees to get the vaccine. Is this legal? I work in an office setting. Some positions do field work, but this is not a public-facing environment. My job can be done entirely remotely and this has been proven, but my company […]

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should I disclose my depression to my boss?

A reader writes: Does it ever make sense to let an employer know that you suffer from depression? I take an antidepressant daily. I’m not seeing a therapist. I would call it more of a functional depression, where I can live with it, but at times it can feel worse and I have to force […]

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my new team is taunting me because I have a nut allergy

A reader writes: I have a nut allergy and carry an epipen. It’s never been an issue in the 12 years I’ve worked for my company. I have recently been promoted to a new department. As usual, I explained to the manager I have a nut allergy but it doesn’t effect anything (i.e., it’s not […]

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no one knows their legal rights at work

When I started Ask a Manager 13 years ago, I didn’t realize how often the questions I’d receive would be rooted in a widespread lack of knowledge about the legal rights Americans do and don’t have at work. Every week — probably every day — I receive questions from people who don’t realize something their […]

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