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Wondering what’s legal and illegal at work? Answers to your questions about law + order at work.

my office is requiring us to disclose all medications we take

A reader writes: I work for a small office (around 20 people) with a director who has a tendency towards micromanagement and distrust of employees — think paranoia that people are constantly trying to get out of doing “enough” work. The director recently announced a new policy requiring employees to disclose prescription and over-the-counter drugs […]

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my employer fined me $90 for being late

A reader writes My company has a ridiculous late fine policy: you will be fined $2 for every minute, starting from 9:01 a.m. So if you come in at 9:05 a.m., that’s $10 you gotta pay up in cash. (This is not somewhere where down-to-the-minute coverage would be essential. It’s just typical deskbound, back-end work. […]

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sick coworker says he can’t work alone

A reader writes: I’m an avid reader and I have a question on behalf of a friend. She works in retail and recently told me she felt too sick to work but couldn’t call in because her coworker, “Bob,” who has stage 4 cancer says he can’t work alone. This sounds off to me. I […]

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can I be paid in comp time instead of overtime pay?

A reader writes: I work for a chapter of a national nonprofit organization managing several fundraising events. I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the way our organization handles overtime during our busy event season, and am wondering if it’s completely legal. At the end of 2016 with the pending overtime law, the organization decided to […]

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how much detail do you have to share when you call in sick?

A reader writes: We recently hired a new manager for our admin/support staff, and in her first team meeting she told us that when calling in sick, “Don’t just say ‘I’m not feeling well.’ I don’t want to hear that.” Apparently she wants a specific reason we are calling in sick. In an attempt to […]

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we have to be interviewed by a psychologist to get promoted

A reader writes: I am a senior manager in a division of a global corporation. Each of the divisions is actually a company that was acquired by the corporation. As long as the division continues to make a profit, they are pretty much allowed to operate as if they are still a stand-alone organization. Some […]

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