Everything you need to know about layoffs at your company, being laid off, severance, negotiations, and what to expect when your employer is cutting staff.

what to do if you’re getting laid off

Layoffs can come as a shock – one minute you’re happily doing your job, with no thought of unemployment, and then next moment you’re out of a job. Even when you’ve had an inkling that the company might be thinking of making cuts, hearing that it’s you who’s been cut is painful news that can […]

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my coworkers knew I was being laid off before I knew

A reader writes: I found out after I had been formally laid off that at least 2 other employees were notified of my layoff the week prior to the event so they wouldn’t get upset. One was a peer, another a subordinate. I am not sure how many others knew. Is this a common practice? […]

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layoffs looming and baby on the way

A reader writes: My multi-national employer is in trouble. This is public knowledge and our GM has warned us that there will be cuts due to a projected revenue shortfall in the tens of millions of dollars. Given that my division is essentially a vendor, we’re at the mercy of clients who aren’t booking work […]

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this isn’t how you make layoff decisions

This is dumb on so many levels that I don’t even know where to begin: Newspaper tells two employees to decide between themselves which one will be laid off Oh fine, I’ll begin here:  You don’t make layoff decisions arbitrarily — you make them based on actual business factors, looking at performance, what the company […]

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managers pushing us to work harder while we wait to be laid off

A reader writes: In mid-August, my company informed us that my department was to be laid-off sometime in September. It is now the end of September and we have not had any more information about the layoffs. Our bi-weekly department meetings have been cancelled and my direct managers have no information. Our senior managers have […]

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ask the readers: farewell cards when coworkers are laid off

I thought this would be an interesting one to throw out to readers to answer. Here’s the question: Is it normal to circulate company-sponsored farewell cards for coworkers who have just been laid off? I work for a smallish company (about 100 people) and last week there were 5 people laid off. This is a first […]

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