new grads

You’re a new grad! And work is weird and confusing. Here’s how to navigate life at work in your first few years after graduating.

cold-emailing strangers to ask for career advice

A reader writes: I’m a recent college graduate currently trying to explore my options on what career I want to pursue. I’d love to talk to people who are actually working in those areas and get a real perspective about what it’s like—and what it would take to get there. Many of the ideas I’m […]

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do job-seekers really need an elevator pitch?

A reader writes: I recently visited my grad school on behalf of my employer as part of their college recruiting team. My objective was to collect resumes and speak with students regarding our summer internship program. I’ve worked the career fairs before but have not done so in a couple of years, and at this […]

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starting your first job? here are 10 things you need to know

As another generation of college seniors prepares to finish their final semester of school, they might be focused on finals and job interviews, but they should also be thinking about what awaits them once they get those jobs. There’s plenty that will be new to them about the work world, some of it pleasant (paid […]

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your parents don’t belong in your workplace

If you hoped that the helicopter parenting trend was on the wane, you won’t be happy to learn that last week LinkedIn launched “Bring Your Parent to Work Day,” an initiative to encourage workers to bring their parents to the office to give them “a glimpse into where their kids work.” LinkedIn says they created […]

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how to get hired when you’re just starting your career

Job searches are tough enough when you have experience, but when you’re just starting out, it’s especially hard to know where to start. How can you position yourself to get hired when you’re brand new to the workforce? 1. If your resume is sparse, think creatively about what experience you can include. While work experience is […]

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