The Ask a Manager Podcast

I’m no longer releasing new episodes of the Ask a Manager podcast (a partnership with HowStuffWorks) but you can find all the earlier episodes below. On each show, I took calls and talked directly with listeners about how to deal with clueless coworkers, toxic bosses, impossible employees, and much more. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever else you get your podcasts, or find an episode below.

we are all awkward creatures

On today’s episode of the Ask a Manager podcast, I talk with awkwardness expert Melissa Dahl, who’s the author of the amazing book Cringeworthy: A Theory of Awkwardness (paid affiliate link). We talked about what causes situations to feel awkward, why we’re all especially prone to awkwardness at work, the amazing letter here from someone whose […]

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I don’t want to become the office secretary

A reader writes: I work at a large educational institution, and have a job that directly serves and faces students. I love my job! When I started, we had a part-time front office person who basically managed the office: ordered all the supplies, handled walk-in traffic, etc. We had an additional agreement with most of […]

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how do I start a new job on the right foot?

A reader writes: I’m starting a new job in 12 days. I am leaving my current company of five years (half of my post-college career) on good terms, but it’s time to go somewhere I can grow, and frankly, make more money. My new job is a huge, national corporation, with hundreds of people in […]

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where are they now? the updates podcast

It’s the year-end update episode of the podcast! On this week’s show, people who called into the show earlier this year come back to give updates about how their situations have turned out. We hear from the caller who didn’t have enough work to do, the person with too much work, the person who was […]

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will I ever find a job I like?

A reader writes: I wrote a rambling letter to your blog a while ago when I was incredibly stressed out and floundering at my new job. I managed to work myself out of that immediate deep hole, but I’m still struggling with being happy at work. While I feel like the malfunctions I’m dealing with […]

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the weird world of interviewing teenagers

The approach that you use when you’re hiring adults doesn’t always work when you’re talking to teenagers who may have never worked a job before. For this week’s episode of the Ask a Manager podcast, I talked about hiring teenagers with the co-owner of summer camp who has interviewed tons of teens for jobs as […]

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I’m the boss and I messed up

A reader writes: I supervise a small team of four at a software company. My team is amazing: reliable, fast, accurate, amiable, etc. I couldn’t ask for better people to manage, and I’m proud of the work we accomplish each day. That’s why I’m particularly embarrassed that I made a noticeable mistake at work today. […]

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how to cope with a work problem you can’t change

A reader writes: We just recently hired somebody new at my office. We were thrilled to onboard her — everyone was spread pretty thin, and the idea of having her was great. The reality does not match the ideal, as it turns out. She constantly leaves for smoke breaks (upwards of 20-30 minutes!) and if […]

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do you have to be a jerk to succeed at work?

A reader writes: I wanted to email you about an issue that has come up often in my career in regards doing the right thing. I am a late-20s male who has been working in a technical environment for the entirety of my career. I don’t know if it has just been the companies that […]

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