What to know about job rejections — why they happen, deciphering form letters, asking for feedback, and not getting discouraged.

why won’t employers tell you why they rejected you?

A reader writes: I recently had a great phone interview for a position I was very excited about. Because the hiring manager was going to be out of the office for awhile, he was planning to interview some candidates that week and other candidates when he got back. But I received an email this morning […]

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why don’t employers send job rejections anymore?

You take time off work for a job interview, spend a few hours preparing for it, maybe buy a new suit, maybe even travel from out of state, and then … crickets. You hear nothing. Maybe you contact the hiring manager or the HR rep who scheduled the interview to inquire about an update on […]

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is there a best time to send rejection letters?

A reader writes: Is there a standard for when to send out rejection letters? I deal with a lot of hiring in my job and I usually know as soon as I review a resume or hold an interview whether or I’m going to reject someone, but I have always figured that people don’t want […]

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rejection turned into an ad for a resume-writing company

A reader write: My girlfriend and I love your blog! I have been job searching, and I have used your blog and book to structure my resume and cover letter. And it worked! I got an interview as an operations assistant with a boutique financial firm. Unfortunately, I got a bit nervous beforehand and did […]

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when rejection letters get condescending…

A reader writes: I applied for a job online for a large corporation that was a bit of a stretch and step. I sent in a resume and a fairly short “cover letter.” I have a stable job but am always looking for a chance for a better role. About two weeks later, I received […]

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