don’t send condescending, over-the-top rejection letters

A reader writes: I’ve been applying to a few jobs here and there and I recently received this rejection letter: Hi, OK, it’s that email you didn’t want to get, no beating around the bush, we are afraid that we won’t be taking your application to the next stage. We know rejection is tough and […]

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what’s the best timing for rejection letters?

A reader writes: I’m a firm believer in following up with every single applicant, interviewed or not. When would you say is ideal time to send out a rejection letter? The thing with rejections is that if you send them really quickly, people often feel stung — like you couldn’t possibly have given them sufficient […]

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is this job rejection a load of bull?

A reader writes: I had a question about being rejected for a job. This is the first time I’ve encountered this rejection reason. Basically, I had a phone screen with the HR person and she said she would share my details with the hiring manager to work out some times for a second phone interview […]

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