You’re resigning! Here’s what to say when you quit, when to do it, who to tell first, and why you don’t need a resignation letter.

the employee who quit via cod and other dramatic resignations

When you quit your job, the process is usually pretty mundane — a meeting to deliver the news and a discussion of how to wrap up items you’re working on — but occasionally a resignation is more memorable. A while back, I asked readers to share the most dramatic resignations they’ve witnessed. Over at Inc. today, […]

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how soon can I quit a new job with a tyrannical boss?

A reader writes: I was hoping to write to you with good news about an exciting new job, but, it’s only been a week and I’m already wondering if I should quit. My last job of two years at a large company was fine but not great: the management was lackluster and I wasn’t really […]

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do I have to tell my boss where I’m going when I quit?

A reader writes: I wanted to ask how one can avoid saying where they are moving to after resigning at their job. An ex-colleague (let’s call him Jake) resigned and the boss insisted on knowing where he was going despite Jake trying to avoid saying. In the end, Jake gave the name of the company […]

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should I tell my boss I’m job-searching?

A reader writes: I have a question about how much notice to give my boss before leaving my role. While I have not received any offers of employment yet, I have begun to actively apply for jobs. My boss, with whom I have a very close working relationship, had previously asked me to give her […]

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was I wrong to quit my job?

A reader writes: I’m wondering if what I’m feeling about my resignation is normal, and how I can best position myself to still start my new role with confidence despite my fears. I gave notice at my job last week. My company is extremely small for our industry compared to the one I am going […]

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