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More answers to more work questions than you can imagine. Weird coworkers, difficult bosses, tricky clients — it’s all covered here.

can I say no to attending a three-night retreat, can a company hold onto your property after they fire you, and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. Employee is unhappy that a coworker with an accent is “mispronouncing” her name I supervise a small team in a large nonprofit. Our organization is very big on DEI and ensuring we have an inclusive environment. Using other people’s preferred names is a non-negotiable for […]

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thongs at work, the best interviewing order, and more

It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go… 1. Thongs at work The other day, while I was at a healthcare facility where they do both clinical visits and operations, I saw a female employee walking by me, wearing her perfectly-acceptable scrubs, who was clearly an operating room doctor or nurse. For whatever reason […]

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