the plague

Work changed when the pandemic hit in 2020. Here’s help navigating it.

am I the only one excited to return to the office?

A reader writes: On your blog, we’ve heard from people who’ve been working from home and are afraid to return to the office. We’ve also heard from people who’ve been going into work for all or most of the pandemic and find it hard to sympathize with those fears. But I’m wondering if there’s anyone […]

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people who haven’t been working from home feel invisible

As employers start to set timelines for bringing workers back to the office, they’re setting off waves of anxiety in some of their employees … which in turn is setting off some frustration and impatience among people who have been working on-site all along. Many of these workers resent that people upset about returning didn’t […]

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people who have been at work all along are exhausted

We’ve talked a lot lately about how anxious many people feel over returning to their offices later this year — and how much of that stems from a break in trust in the people and institutions that have shown they can’t be counted on to protect us. But plenty of people won’t be returning to […]

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people are freaked out about going back to their offices

Many workplaces that went fully remote last year are starting to set timelines for bringing people back to the office, and their employees are not happy. As reopening initiatives gather steam, I’ve been flooded with letters from people viewing these plans with deep suspicion — largely, I suspect, because in the past year, we’ve had […]

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can my company require employees to get the Covid vaccine?

A reader writes: My employer just issued a company-wide Covid vaccination mandate requiring all employees to get the vaccine. Is this legal? I work in an office setting. Some positions do field work, but this is not a public-facing environment. My job can be done entirely remotely and this has been proven, but my company […]

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