workplace practices

why can’t I wear shorts to work?

A reader writes: I recently hired an entry-level employee. This is her first office/full-time job ever, so part of my job is also making sure she understands office norms. Today during our weekly check-in, we were talking about the weather getting warmer and she made a comment about needing to buy more shorts for during […]

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my office wants us to celebrate by wearing pink and blue by gender

A reader writes: I am a nurse and I enjoy the festivities of Nurses Week, celebrated the second week in May. Until I received this official workplace email, suggesting that “ladies” should wear pink and “men” should wear blue to kick off the week. (See attached graphic.) This email seems creepy and old fashioned, and […]

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my boss told me to stop wearing headphones at work — but I wear them to drown out my coworker’s noise

A reader writes: My coworker and office mate, Jane, is an older woman who enjoys listening to either audiobooks or the radio while she’s working — specifically listening to audiobooks with some questionable content (nothing overly explicit, but they have moments sometimes, along with a few instances of language) or talk radio that focuses on […]

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