workplace practices

Is your office normal? Workplace practices can be wildly different from office to office. Here’s a reality check on yours.

let’s discuss egregious safety violations at work

You’d think safety would be top of mind for employers, but some are willing to tolerate egregious safety issues in order to keep people working. Some examples that have been shared by readers in the past: •  “At a call center job, there was a tornado that touched down just a few miles away and […]

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when I work from home, do I have to be AT home?

A reader writes: I recently (about six months ago) started a new job, which is hybrid. I work in-office Wed/Thursday/Friday, and work from home Monday/Tuesday. This hybrid schedule is a change for me, as I previously had more hands-on jobs in the same industry which could not be done remotely. The whole company shares this […]

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can I ask to be reimbursed for my expenses in a driving-heavy job?

A reader writes: I recently started my dream job — amazing start-up, coveted industry, huge promise, incredibly competent management (a gift I do not take for granted). However, I’m working in arguably the most expensive metropolitan city on earth, one that is notorious for being a literal nightmare to drive or own a car in. […]

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have we changed our views about working from home?

A reader writes: I’d love to have your take and the readers’ take on whether society as a whole has changed its view on working from home. Most of last year, I was job searching, and something an interviewer said once has stuck with me. I was in a second interview for an office job […]

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my boss keeps bringing her sick child to work

A reader writes: My boss keeps bringing her sick child to work because she can’t send them to school or daycare since they won’t accept sick children. While I understand that it’s hard to find someone to look after them, especially when both parents are working, I get sick every time I’m at work with […]

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