how to say “stop following me” at an event

A reader writes: I was wondering if you could help me with a professional problem that seems to be coming up more and more lately. I am fortunate to be fairly well-known in my field, and attend a lot of professional events. I try to meet as many new people and existing contacts as possible […]

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my contact wants to charge me for a networking meeting

A reader writes: Is it normal for someone to charge a client for a networking meeting? I’m currently in the process of looking for a new job and setting up informational interviews with professionals in my area. I emailed back and forth with one woman trying to set a time to meet, but kept getting […]

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what should I say to terrible networkers?

A reader writes: I work in a high-profile field that’s extremely hard to break into. As I’ve become more successful, I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me and ask if they can have some of my time to ask some questions. I’m usually happy to say yes to these requests, and either […]

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