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are employers really so eager to hire right now?

We keep hearing that employers are desperate, can’t find good workers, and jobs are going unfilled … so if you’re currently job-searching, how does that match up with your own experience? Based on my mail, lots of people are still getting ignored by employers … or offered laughably low salaries … or seeing ads requiring […]

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what’s your company doing for the holidays this year?

What’s your company doing about the holidays this year? Last year, many employers simply canceled holiday celebrations because of the pandemic, while others devised creative ways to celebrate — like virtual cocktail tastings and drive-in movies. This year, some parties seem back on, while others aren’t. What’s your office planning for this year?

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share your funniest office holiday stories

We have once again entered the season of forced workplace merriment, holiday party disasters, and other seasonal delights! Thus it is time to hear about your office holiday debacles, past or current. Did you pass out naked in the break room? Did your manager provide you with a three-page document of “party procedures”? Did a drunk Santa stumble […]

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