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Looking for crowdsourced wisdom? Here are reader discussions about life at work.

I’m a terrible procrastinator

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I’ve recently realized something about myself: even though I am a high perfomer with glowing reviews from bosses and coworkers, I am a terrible procrastinator. But instead of procrastinating by doing nothing, I find other things that is of lesser importance but still need doing. […]

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have you ever intentionally burned a bridge?

We talk a lot here about ways to avoid burning bridges when you leave a job. But sometimes burning the bridge is warranted — the provocation is sufficiently bad, and you’re willing to take the consequences. One example: the person who got an email at 3 pm on a Friday saying they were being replaced […]

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how much will it hurt me to take a few years off from my career?

It’s the Thursday “ask the reader” question. A reader writes: I will preface the question with a warning: I’m currently enormously over-privileged in that we are very financially comfortable and I don’t have to work. I am a well-regarded mid-career specialist; I have always worked in the non-profit/multinational sector and make a decent amount of […]

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let’s discuss coworker grudges and arguments

Inspired by last week’s story about the two employees who hated each other to the point that one declared she could not be in the same room with the other “without blacking out with overwhelming fury” (although they later ended up dating), let’s discuss weirdest coworker arguments and grudges. We’ve had the two managers who […]

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let’s discuss the best and worst office decor you’ve seen

Let’s discuss the best, worst, and weirdest office decor you’ve ever seen. Have you had a coworker who moved so much stuff from home into their office that it felt like an overcrowded living room? Had so many plants that entering their cubicle was like entering a rainforest? Worked under a huge phallic oil painting […]

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let’s discuss egregious safety violations at work

You’d think safety would be top of mind for employers, but some are willing to tolerate egregious safety issues in order to keep people working. Some examples that have been shared by readers in the past: •  “At a call center job, there was a tornado that touched down just a few miles away and […]

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