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Looking for crowdsourced wisdom? Here are reader discussions about life at work.

share your funniest office holiday stories

We have once again entered the season of forced workplace merriment, holiday party disasters, and other seasonal delights! Thus it is time to hear about your office holiday debacles, past or current. Did you pass out naked in the break room? Did your manager provide you with a three-page document of “party procedures”? Did a drunk Santa […]

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when office potlucks go wrong

As we approach the season of office potlucks and other meals with coworkers, let’s discuss the many ways they can go wrong … from alarming cuisine to the person who takes an obscenely large share and never contributes anything of their own. To kick us off, some stories from years past: •  “One of my […]

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my male coworkers keep vomiting emotionally on me

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I am the sole female Turtle Analyst on my team (job title changed for anonymity, obviously). I’m young and new at the company (just had my two-year anniversary). I use the our database’s coding language daily. Part of my job is collaborating with the Turtle […]

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