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Looking for crowdsourced wisdom? Here are reader discussions about life at work.

knowledge swap! share your expertise with people here

Are you good at something and willing to share that expertise with others here? We did this six years ago and it was a great success, so we’re doing it again. Here’s how it works: 1. In the comment section below, name something you’re really good at that you’d be willing to answer questions about. […]

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let’s talk about workplace parking wars

Let’s talk parking wars! Has a war over parking divided your workplace? Did HR steal your coveted parking space? Did a client hit your parked car and then zoom off? Is a parking shortage forcing you to park a mile away? Did a coworker get angry that they weren’t allowed to have an enormous sign […]

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let’s discuss sacred office supplies

Thanks to a reader for this idea: “What supplies or equipment at your office are as untouchable as a holy relic, despite having no discernible function in the 21st century? What supplies do people inexplicably hoard, or somehow lead to epic battles for control?” Let’s discuss in the comment section.

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let’s talk about kindness at work

Inspired by last month’s update from the person who covered her coworker’s vet bill: We talk a lot about bad behavior at work, so let’s talk about kindness this time. What’s a time you saw a colleague go out of their way to be especially nice to you or to someone else? Please share in […]

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stories of Machiavellian triumphs at work, part 2

Last week, I asked about Machiavellian things you’ve seen or done at work. Here’s part two of my favorites. (Part one was Monday.) 1. The voicemail Had a sales guy at my first job in the late 90s who used to take ALL his calls and listen to ALL his voicemail on speaker. LOUDLY. We […]

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what’s the most Machiavellian thing you’ve seen or done at work?

A few years back, we talked about Machiavellian things we’ve seen done at work — self-serving schemes or manipulation that you watched being carried out (or carried out yourself!). The stories were amazing, including someone who pretended to be Canadian for months in order to get a day off for Canadian Thanksgiving, someone who submitted […]

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