thank-you notes

Do you really still need to send thank-you notes after a job interview? The answer: yes. Here’s how to do it, what to say, when to send them, and more.

here’s an example of a great interview thank-you note

Post-interview thank-you notes: You should be sending them! Not because you need to thank anyone, really, but because they’re a chance to build on the conversation you had in the interview and solidify the (hopefully positive) impression you made. Too often, though, people treat thank-you notes as a perfunctory duty. They’ve heard they’re supposed to […]

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rejecting anyone who doesn’t send a thank-you note is terrible hiring

There was a big kerfluffle on Twitter this weekend when the executive managing editor of Business Insider published an article saying that she refused to hire anyone who doesn’t send a thank-you note after their interview. It doesn’t matter if they were otherwise her top candidate — if they don’t send a thank-you, they get rejected. […]

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how to write a thank-you note after a job interview

If you’re like most job seekers, you either don’t send thank-you notes after your interviews at all, or you do but you’re confused about the purpose of them, and maybe a little annoyed. It’s a weird convention, after all, since job interviews are business meetings. Why, then, are you supposed to kowtow to your interviewer […]

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which is better: a handwritten thank-you note or an emailed note?

A reader writes: Do you have any thoughts on candidates who send handwritten thank-you notes instead of emails? I’m interviewing candidates right now and I always expect to receive a thank-you email within 24 hours. One candidate never sent me one, so I had mentally declined her. (She wasn’t a superstar in person, so that […]

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are interview thank-you notes going out of style?

A reader writes: I emailed you a bit ago about creating an audio clip in a resume which you suggested to not do because no one would take the time to hear it. Now I’m in a position where I hire, I TOTALLY see why… I’d find it annoying and I’d probably delete it. Anyway, […]

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