job offers

You’ve got a job offer! What could go wrong? Plenty, it turns out. Here’s how to navigate job offers, negotiate salary, and come out ahead.

can I negotiate a later schedule before accepting a job?

A reader writes: Are hours ever negotiable? I’m in the late stages of interviewing for what I honestly think is my dream job: I love the team, the manager, the work, everything about it, and the salary is a huge step up from what I’m making now. But I am leaning towards turning it down […]

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how to gracefully decline a job offer

You’ve been interviewing for a job and now it’s paid off with an offer – but what if you want to turn the position down? There are lots of reasons why that might happen: maybe the salary is too low, even after you tried to negotiate, or maybe the manager seems awful or the work […]

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is being offered a job too quickly a red flag?

A reader writes: I work in an technical aspect of healthcare. In my city I have heard there is a shortage of people in my field. A lot of people left during Covid and my small city has experienced rapid growth. I have recently decided to look for a new job. My independently owned clinic […]

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my job offer was rescinded after I asked for more money

A reader writes: I’m currently in a job where I thought I was going to grow a lot more quickly but I haven’t, so I have started to explore other options. The tricky part about this position is that I am in marketing and my manager is not tracking any results or success (which is […]

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should you make job offers by phone or email?

A reader writes: I lead a team and just sent an email to a candidate making a job offer. After I sent the email (my typical practice), I was curious, and I googled “email job offers,” which led me to articles declaring the practice a bad idea and recommending phone calls instead. I was wondering […]

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my job offer was rescinded — after I already quit my old job

A reader writes: Well, it happened to me: the dreaded rescinded job offer. Everything was going great with the interview process for this job. I had gotten to the reference stage and provided information for five people who I knew would represent me well. I got a call the following week from the HR manager, […]

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