job offers

You’ve got a job offer! What could go wrong? Plenty, it turns out. Here’s how to navigate job offers, negotiate salary, and come out ahead.

how to gracefully decline a job offer

You’ve been interviewing for a job and now it’s paid off with an offer – but what if you want to turn the position down? There are lots of reasons why that might happen: maybe the salary is too low, even after you tried to negotiate, or maybe the manager seems awful or the work […]

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is being offered a job too quickly a red flag?

A reader writes: I work in an technical aspect of healthcare. In my city I have heard there is a shortage of people in my field. A lot of people left during Covid and my small city has experienced rapid growth. I have recently decided to look for a new job. My independently owned clinic […]

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my job offer was rescinded after I asked for more money

A reader writes: I’m currently in a job where I thought I was going to grow a lot more quickly but I haven’t, so I have started to explore other options. The tricky part about this position is that I am in marketing and my manager is not tracking any results or success (which is […]

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should you make job offers by phone or email?

A reader writes: I lead a team and just sent an email to a candidate making a job offer. After I sent the email (my typical practice), I was curious, and I googled “email job offers,” which led me to articles declaring the practice a bad idea and recommending phone calls instead. I was wondering […]

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my job offer was rescinded — after I already quit my old job

A reader writes: Well, it happened to me: the dreaded rescinded job offer. Everything was going great with the interview process for this job. I had gotten to the reference stage and provided information for five people who I knew would represent me well. I got a call the following week from the HR manager, […]

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you should ask for more money when you get a job offer. here’s how.

Since a lot of people are changing jobs right now, here’s a round-up of advice on negotiating salary when you get a job offer. Before the Offer Stage Salary Expectations how to answer questions about your salary expectations does an employer asking you to name your salary requirements first mean they’re jerks? Salary History how […]

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