job offers

I turned down a job, and now people are devastated

A reader writes: I recently changed jobs. Company A had seen me speak at a conference a few years ago, and brought me in to consult. After I came in, they contacted me and said they had a position they would like me to consider. I agreed to interview, mostly to get more information than […]

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did I lead my interviewer on?

A reader: I have been working for a company (Company A) for six months now, on a temporary contract. The pay is good and the hours are flexible, and as I would like to start studying part time soon this arrangement suits me. I don’t see a lot of potential for growth in this company, […]

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should I leave my good job for a better one?

A reader writes: I took a job at a company a little over a year ago after being unemployed following being a part of a large lay-off. I was so grateful for the job and ended up really loving the company and its culture. After the trauma of the lay-off, I passionately told them that […]

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