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Wondering what’s legal and illegal at work? Answers to your questions about law + order at work.

can an employer require you to be “sexually pure”?

A reader writes: I have been working in the nonprofit industry for two years, and I am currently looking for a new job in a new city. Many nonprofits, including the one I currently work with, are affiliated with religious organizations. This is fine with me, even as a person who does not practice religion. […]

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can I go braless as a medical accommodation?

A reader writes: You’ve written about how, rightly or wrongly, most employers still expect employees with obvious breasts to wear bras (or at least not to make it obvious that they’re not wearing one). My question is, could going braless — or getting an exemption to the dress code more generally — ever be a […]

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my boss only wants to hire attractive young women

Announcement: At 2 pm ET today, it’s part of 2 of last month’s speed round! Last month’s speed round had 700+ questions submitted, so this time I’ll be answering some of the questions I didn’t get to in round 1. Follow along live on the home page later today. A reader writes: My boss, Todd, […]

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my boss removed me from a work trip because I’m a woman

A reader writes: I work for a government organization that is a subset of county government. In this organization, very rarely, employees may be sent on trips to pick up items that cannot be mailed. These trips vary from one hour to eight hours round trip. Last week, my department had one of these trips, […]

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my employer gives extra perks to thin people

A reader writes: I’ve just learned that my new employer gives extra perks to people who meet certain health metrics. BMI is one of the health metrics they use to determine if you receive the extra perks. Everyone gets a certain level of discount on the company’s products. But if you meet a certain level […]

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I’m a member of The Satanic Temple and got outed at work

A reader writes: I’m a member of The Satanic Temple. That information got out at work and now things are unpleasant and awkward. I became a passionate patients’ rights advocate when a family member almost died after they were denied emergency medical treatment on religious grounds. The unexpected delay in care almost cost my family […]

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