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is a salary request 40% over the max enough to rescind an offer?

A reader writes: We recently made an offer to a candidate and I wanted to get your thoughts on what you would have done in this situation. Throughout the process, the recruiter shared the salary band and that the maximum was not flexible, and the candidate confirmed the amount that worked for them multiple times. […]

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thoughts on rejection from a hiring manager in a competitive field

After last week’s letter from someone who was frustrated because she kept getting rejected for writing jobs, a hiring manager in a competitive field sent me this: We recently hired for a junior role in a competitive field at an organization with a globally recognized name and a reputation as a generous employer locally. I […]

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should I re-hire an employee with a bad attitude?

A reader writes: I briefly worked at a terrible company where I was brought in to help fix problems with a team that had been underperforming. Soon after I was hired, it became obvious to me that the company was a mess and I chose to move on after six months. One person on my […]

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what to do when a top job candidate has another offer

A reader writes: I’m hiring for a an open position and conducted a phone interview with a great candidate (we’d already interviewed him once before in a prior round but didn’t hire him) and told him that in-person interviews would take place within a few weeks, with someone in place by early March. I got […]

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is it unprofessional to have an email address with 69 in it?

A reader writes: HR recently shared an applicant’s email address with me (think “firstname.nickname_69@yahoo.com”) and when I saw it, I chuckled a bit and thought it must be someone quite young and immature. HR saw my reaction and told me that he included a note mentioning that he was born in 1969, and that is […]

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job applicants’ parents keep calling me

A reader writes: I work at a camp, with loads of seasonal employees. We just opened applications for staffing opportunities for teens age 14-17 and were flooded with hundreds of applicants who want to come do our dishes, haul trash, and chop firewood. This is a wonderful thing! The problem is their parents, who regularly […]

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