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thoughts on rejection from a hiring manager in a competitive field

After last week’s letter from someone who was frustrated because she kept getting rejected for writing jobs, a hiring manager in a competitive field sent me this: We recently hired for a junior role in a competitive field at an organization with a globally recognized name and a reputation as a generous employer locally. I […]

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should I re-hire an employee with a bad attitude?

A reader writes: I briefly worked at a terrible company where I was brought in to help fix problems with a team that had been underperforming. Soon after I was hired, it became obvious to me that the company was a mess and I chose to move on after six months. One person on my […]

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what to do when a top job candidate has another offer

A reader writes: I’m hiring for a an open position and conducted a phone interview with a great candidate (we’d already interviewed him once before in a prior round but didn’t hire him) and told him that in-person interviews would take place within a few weeks, with someone in place by early March. I got […]

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is it unprofessional to have an email address with 69 in it?

A reader writes: HR recently shared an applicant’s email address with me (think “firstname.nickname_69@yahoo.com”) and when I saw it, I chuckled a bit and thought it must be someone quite young and immature. HR saw my reaction and told me that he included a note mentioning that he was born in 1969, and that is […]

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job applicants’ parents keep calling me

A reader writes: I work at a camp, with loads of seasonal employees. We just opened applications for staffing opportunities for teens age 14-17 and were flooded with hundreds of applicants who want to come do our dishes, haul trash, and chop firewood. This is a wonderful thing! The problem is their parents, who regularly […]

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how to ask references about a candidate’s personality

A reader writes: I run a nonprofit and hire part-time workers to work in recreation-type centers across the city. Strong interpersonal skills are part of what we look for. However, interviews make people nervous, and it can be a little hard to judge those skills in interviews. My question is about checking references and getting […]

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