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should I refuse to hire coworkers’ kids?

A reader writes: I’m hiring students to work on my team as paid interns. I’ve decided to not hire any children of any coworkers in the office. My reasons are to avoid any conflict of interests – I don’t want to risk interns asking their parents to interfere if they don’t like an assignment or […]

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should interviewers give job candidates a way to contact them?

A reader writes: My fellow managers and I have a question on interview etiquette from the interviewer side that we can’t agree on. If you give someone an interview, should you give them a way to contact you? My thinking is, yes, if you interview a potential job candidate, you should give them either your […]

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I ask candidates their salary expectations and don’t feel bad about it

A reader writes: You regularly talk about how inappropriate it is for employers to ask candidates about their salary expectations without giving any salary information out themselves. Well, I am a medical professional, and, along with my partners, employ two staff in our small office. I became a small business owner/employer having received no training […]

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should I reject job candidates by phone or email?

A reader writes: Should you always call to let a candidate know that they won’t be getting a job offer? Here’s the context: I’ve gotten calls and emails letting me know when I wasn’t accepted for a position. And my colleagues and I all agree that we hate getting phone calls. It’s awkward! If you […]

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we offered someone a job — and then he got a bad reference

A reader writes: We recently offered a new employee a job, with a job offer email that included the following line: “The position is permanent and will be subject to a three-month probationary period and reference check.” We made the offer contingent on references because one of his references was his current employer and he […]

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how to interview job candidates who won’t stop talking

A reader writes: While I try to be understanding of job candidates who give five-minute responses to interview questions that should never ever take that long to answer, I just can’t get past it, and it makes me want to fidget uncomfortably. Would it be rude to put specific time limits on their answers, like […]

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