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how to interview job candidates who won’t stop talking

A reader writes: While I try to be understanding of job candidates who give five-minute responses to interview questions that should never ever take that long to answer, I just can’t get past it, and it makes me want to fidget uncomfortably. Would it be rude to put specific time limits on their answers, like […]

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my office interviews people who randomly show up without appointments

A reader writes: I’ve been with the same company, a small business of about 25 employees, for about eight years now. During this time, we’ve had a recurring discussion regarding taking meetings with job seekers when we don’t have an open position. Someone will reach out, either by stopping by our office without an appointment […]

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should you give job candidates the questions ahead of time?

A reader writes: I know you’ve talked about common questions interviewers ask. However, while a candidate can prepare for those types of questions, for behavioral interview questions (“tell me about a time when…”) it’s sometimes tough for candidates to come up with answers when I’m asking them to draw on their experience and give me […]

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what to do about new hires who quit after their first week

A reader writes: Twice recently, we’ve had new graduates accept a job at our company then quit after their first week with no notice. Should I say something about how unprofessional this is, or let them learn the hard lesson on their own? Or can we do something during the hiring profess to make it […]

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job candidate says she has to work for us secretly

A reader writes: We held an interview with a candidate for a part-time position who had been out of our line of work for 10 years. I interviewed her because she had some other things on her resume that seemed really interesting (she has been running a local online platform for 10 years with one […]

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