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how many interviews are too many?

A reader writes: I’ve seen a lot of questions on your site about interviewees who feel that the interview process is too lengthy or burdensome, which got me thinking about my practices as a hiring manager and how many interviews will scare off strong candidates. This 2016 letter writer from the archives was subjected to […]

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should we hire a candidate who talked non-stop?

A reader writes: We’re hiring for a candidate to fill in for me while I’m on maternity leave. The strongest candidate we’ve had so far has a great resume and industry experience, which is rare for us. But she was so talkative in the interview it was staggering. An interview that typically takes 30 minutes […]

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how should I handle friends who apply for jobs with me?

A reader writes: What’s the best way to handle a friend who applies for a job not just at your company, but working with you? This has come up a couple of times now. In both cases, the friend in question would work with me, so I was involved in the application process, but they […]

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are we asking for too much work from job candidates?

A reader writes: I’ve recently read some pushback on employers that ask candidates, as part of the hiring process, to complete assignments that may take many hours to do. At my law firm, we have recently moved to giving legal research and writing assignments to our attorney candidates. I would not be surprised if these […]

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my relative is lying about race to get a job in my department

A reader writes: A relative I haven’t spoken to in years is fraudulently applying to my department at a large university. To put it simply, this is a potential Rachael Dolezal situation. “Connie” is applying for a research and teaching position in my department. Her mother was married to my uncle for about 15 years […]

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is rejecting people by phone more respectful?

A reader writes: I am just finishing up a highly competitive hiring process. We flew in the top two finalists for in-person interviews this week and have decided who we’ll extend an offer to. My question is around best practices for notifying the other finalist that she didn’t get the job. In the past, I’ve […]

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