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how to ask references about a candidate’s personality

A reader writes: I run a nonprofit and hire part-time workers to work in recreation-type centers across the city. Strong interpersonal skills are part of what we look for. However, interviews make people nervous, and it can be a little hard to judge those skills in interviews. My question is about checking references and getting […]

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companies that ask people to answer mini-essays before submitting resumes

A reader writes: In previous posts you have written that employers generally shouldn’t require applicants to do work (assessments, tests, what have you) at the very outset of the hiring process because that’s asking folks to dedicate time/effort when the majority of them won’t even get an interview. I agree with you wholeheartedly, but I’m […]

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is it possible to apply for a job too quickly?

A reader writes: I see a lot of questions about when it could be too late to apply, but very little about it being too early. I’m curious about your thoughts on applications that come in the same day the job was posted, sometimes even within one to two hours. For true entry-level positions, this […]

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should pet peeves influence hiring decisions?

A reader writes: I am hiring for a position that I will manage. Our office is small and this individual and I will work together very closely. I know selecting interviewees and employees is not truly “fair,” but how much should my pet peeves impact the decision to interview someone? For instance, someone sent me […]

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how to handle a pushy job candidate

A reader writes: I am in the process of scheduling interviews for a new opening on our team. I called a batch of candidates this morning and left messages for a few of them. I was then in a meeting, and when I returned I had four phone calls from one candidate, who apparently was […]

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