wait, what?!

Letters that make you say, “Wait, what?!”

I bit my coworker

I’m off today, so here’s an older post from the archives. This was originally published in 2017. A reader writes: So I bit a coworker yesterday. Obviously, I’m mortified. I work in an incredibly dysfunctional office. The tone is set by our office manager. He’s in his fifties, has always worked in an office setting, […]

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my ex-boss threatened to contact my husband, his coworkers, and my father-in-law if I don’t return $48 of office supplies

A reader writes: I received an email today from my prior boss (I left in November) requiring that I return equipment. However, there was no loaned equipment or return equipment clause that even existed for me to sign. They never provided me with anything outside of a $48 office supplies order from Amazon that included […]

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my interviewer sent me an email saying my scars are triggering

A reader writes: I’ve been casually job searching for a few months and had an interview last week. The job was for a logistics specialist at a shipping company. The woman who interviewed me, Marcia, seemed distracted the entire interview, shuffling papers and mumbling her questions. I knew pretty quickly I wouldn’t be taking the […]

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my company advertises every job all the time to make sure we know we can be replaced

A reader writes: I work at a mid-sized company in a highly competitive field where turnover is usually very high, and most positions are either sales-focused or service-based with a few office/administrative occupations making up the roster. The sales openings do not require any specific training, while the service positions are considered skilled trade jobs […]

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