job searching

should I go around HR and contact the hiring manager directly?

A reader writes: I’m currently job searching and when I learn about an opening, I’ll often reach out directly to department heads as opposed to HR. However, sometimes after these directors/VP’s email me back saying they’ve forwarded along my resume to HR, it goes no further. I like being proactive and cutting out the middleman […]

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what’s the best day of the week to apply for a job?

A reader writes: Is there is a certain day and time of the week that is best for applying to online job postings? For example, is it better to apply Monday morning versus Friday afternoon? I was thinking that a Friday afternoon application might be overlooked because of the weekend (applications sent in Monday morning […]

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should I work for a tiny organization?

A reader writes: My husband works in the public school system (not a teacher) and is considering a job offer with a one-person nonprofit. He and the CEO will be the only employees aside from volunteers. He’d be working virtually and he hasn’t negotiated the offer yet, but I thought I’d ask you and your […]

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