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what jobs are good for a mom who wants to lean out?

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: After struggling to balance it all over the past year, I have decided to join the many moms who lean out of their careers once they have children (I never thought I would be here!). I am highly tempted to stand on my soapbox explaining […]

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how can I avoid getting my hopes up for a job I’ve applied for?

A reader writes: I’ve been feeling stuck at my job for some time now, and especially trapped because I’m unhappy in my field and am considering changing careers in my mid-30s (which I know isn’t particularly late, but still daunting). I haven’t done much job-searching yet since I figure I’ll have to do some retraining. […]

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I can’t get out of low-level admin work

A reader writes: I have a bachelor’s degree relevant to my field and seven years of work experience, about six years of which is in the same job function that I have now. I’m 29 and in my third job out of college. I am in an entry level marketing job (as I also was […]

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is it a bad sign if a company has lots of job vacancies?

A reader writes: I live in the southeast but really love the Pacific northwest, so I keep my eyes peeled for job opportunities in that area. Over time, I’ve noticed many job postings for this one particular company. Recently, they’ve listed a position that would be a great opportunity for me and for which I […]

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