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Here’s a round-up of some of the most key job-searching advice on this site. Resumes and Cover Letters The first thing to know is, if you’re not getting interviews, you probably need to fix your resume and cover letter. If you’re thinking your materials are fine, I’ve got to tell you: More often than not, […]

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job searching is so much work

A reader writes: I’m trying to look for a new job, but it feels like the scale of doing so is interminably large. I’m expecting to apply for at least 30-40 jobs before I even get one interview. It’s that competitive out there. But for each application, I’m expected to research a company and it’s […]

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I organize orgies — can I talk about it in my job hunt?

A reader writes: I organized adult weekends (aka, orgies) for several years. The part I enjoyed the most turned out to be the project and event coordination: sourcing locations, keeping the books on payments, communicating with vendors, tracking the budget, managing food, etc. I’d like to do more of that professionally, but I’m not sure […]

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my brother-in-law shares TMI on LinkedIn

A reader writes: My brother in law was laid off in March. He was part of the mass layoffs in the tech industry. Since then, he has applied to a lot of jobs. Like, A LOT. As of one week ago, he has applied to exactly 700 jobs. I know the exact figure because of […]

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did this application process go overboard?

A reader writes: I’m a senior level director with 25+ years of experience and two degrees. A colleague suggested I apply for an open position at a very prestigious organization so I did. When I started the process, I was excited, but by the time I was done, I was frustrated and uninterested in the […]

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what jobs are good for a mom who wants to lean out?

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: After struggling to balance it all over the past year, I have decided to join the many moms who lean out of their careers once they have children (I never thought I would be here!). I am highly tempted to stand on my soapbox explaining […]

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