my boss sent a friend to spy on me at my house

A reader writes: I work for a very large company and am working from home. When I spoke to my manager on the phone recently, she hinted about whether I was watching TV while working. I told her I can’t watch TV while I work because it’s too distracting, but I listen to podcasts for […]

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what can you do if your employer is violating shelter-in-place orders?

A reader writes: I haven’t been able to figure out the answer to this question. What are employees supposed to do if their employer is violating state shelter-in-place rules? Our state is under a shelter-in place advisory as of noon today, and all non-essential businesses have been ordered to close their facilities. However, a younger […]

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my boss has violent tantrums and punches holes in walls

A reader writes: I’ve recently started in a new company. It was a particularly exciting job to get because my division superintendent (think great-great-grandboss) is known industry-wise to be a genius, and being part of his team, even with such separation, makes a big difference in a resumé. Well, I started working two months ago, […]

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