Jerks at work come in all flavors — credit-hoggers, bullies, underminers, and more. Here’s help in dealing with them.

why are there so many abusive bosses?

In the 15 years I’ve been writing Ask a Manager, I’ve heard about some really bad bosses. There was the boss who crashed an employee’s wedding (and then wrote her up for having him escorted out!), the boss who told bizarre lies about all her employees, and even the boss whose negligence killed someone’s horse. […]

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my ex-boss threatened to contact my husband, his coworkers, and my father-in-law if I don’t return $48 of office supplies

A reader writes: I received an email today from my prior boss (I left in November) requiring that I return equipment. However, there was no loaned equipment or return equipment clause that even existed for me to sign. They never provided me with anything outside of a $48 office supplies order from Amazon that included […]

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my company will only give me a raise if I quit first

A reader writes: I work for a small company within a very niche field. The owner has been running it for decades and is an expert at this craft, and is in very high demand. The service the company offers is so specialized that the job takes about six months to a year of training, […]

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my company advertises every job all the time to make sure we know we can be replaced

A reader writes: I work at a mid-sized company in a highly competitive field where turnover is usually very high, and most positions are either sales-focused or service-based with a few office/administrative occupations making up the roster. The sales openings do not require any specific training, while the service positions are considered skilled trade jobs […]

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my boss only wants to hire attractive young women

Announcement: At 2 pm ET today, it’s part of 2 of last month’s speed round! Last month’s speed round had 700+ questions submitted, so this time I’ll be answering some of the questions I didn’t get to in round 1. Follow along live on the home page later today. A reader writes: My boss, Todd, […]

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