a coworker left me an anonymous note … and a pacifier

A reader writes: About two weeks ago, I came in to work and found a manila envelope on my desk. It had my name written on the front. I opened it up and was stunned to find a typed note that read “Dear Loud Talker, I know more about your TV-watching habits than anyone sitting […]

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my boss is a jerk — how do I deal with her?

A reader writes: I’m writing about an ongoing issue I have with my immediate boss – let’s call her Ann. Ann is a national leader in our industry, is the only person at our institution with the authority to approve my team’s work, and is pretty much my exclusive point of contact for all my […]

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my boss is a notorious liar, and he yells too

A reader writes: My boss is a notorious liar. All staffers are aware of this, and, in fact, it’s become somewhat of a running joke around the office. Some of this takes the form of exaggeration (“Five different people told me…” means one person he doesn’t want to identify, or sometimes just that he overheard […]

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