advice about your boss

Need advice about your boss? Here are answers to all the questions you have about your manager, from how to deal with a boss who yells, to how to tell your manager you’re allergic to her perfume.

my boss’s dog rampages through our work gatherings

A reader writes: Over the past few months, my team has started doing occasional outdoor social gatherings. Several people on my team have dogs that they bring along, including my boss who is exceptionally irresponsible about her dog’s behavior. She takes her off leash immediately, regardless of the surroundings or posted signs. The dog then […]

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my boss’s wife just called me to yell at me

A reader writes: I am at a total loss. I have been a paralegal to a highly successful attorney for almost 25 years. I have moved firms with him three times over the past few decades, and have never thought of ending our professional relationship. He is a wonderful boss, a calm and even keeled […]

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our boss’s high salary is tanking morale

A reader writes: This is an odd question in that I think I know what I’m going to do (dodge it and run — I am a nervous creature) but I’m wondering if that’s ethically what I should do. The scenario is this: I work on a five person team for a nonprofit. It’s the […]

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my boss sent me work questions while I was in the hospital

A reader writes: A few weeks ago I had a bizarre experience with my usually great boss, and I’m not sure if I handled it right. I had a medical emergency over the weekend and ended up having an emergency appendectomy on Sunday morning. (Side note: ouch.) Sunday evening, while recovering in the hospital, I […]

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should I tell my boss I hate my job?

A reader writes: I started a new job a few months ago, and at first I was crazy excited about it. I was really looking forward to all the cool things I’d get to work on, the smart people I’d get to meet, and the new things I’d get to learn. Plus, the company I […]

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