advice about your boss

Need advice about your boss? Here are answers to all the questions you have about your manager, from how to deal with a boss who yells, to how to tell your manager you’re allergic to her perfume.

my boss has violent tantrums and punches holes in walls

A reader writes: I’ve recently started in a new company. It was a particularly exciting job to get because my division superintendent (think great-great-grandboss) is known industry-wise to be a genius, and being part of his team, even with such separation, makes a big difference in a resumé. Well, I started working two months ago, […]

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I’m still not doing the job I was hired for two years ago

A reader writes: I’ve been at my current job for two years, and have been doing … okay. No big issues, but in previous reviews my boss has talked about me in terms of good, not great. I’m definitely struggling with efficiency, and am generally bored and disengaged. The problem is, I’m struggling because the […]

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my klutzy, unpolished boss is like a bull in a china shop

A reader writes: I work closely with my boss of 2.5 years, who is a smart, capable woman in her mid-50s. If we’re talking strictly substance and the merits of her ideas, she is an excellent team lead and representative of our department in the broader context of the organization (healthcare). With this said, she […]

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how do I get my rich boss to pay me back for lunch?

A reader writes: I work in a small office (about five people) and probably once or twice a week, we will do a group order of delivery/take-out for lunch. I’m the most junior at the company, and often I end up asked to place the lunch order, so I put it on my personal card […]

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my needy boss wants me to “adopt” her

A reader writes: My manager, Wanda, is a director about five years younger than I am (I’m 63, also a woman). She has been with our employer for over 20 years, is extremely good at what she does, is fiercely loyal to her staff, and possesses a wealth of knowledge and insight about our specific […]

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