advice about your boss

Need advice about your boss? Here are answers to all the questions you have about your manager, from how to deal with a boss who yells, to how to tell your manager you’re allergic to her perfume.

I walked in on the company owner having sex in his office

A reader writes: I started a new job last Thursday at a small consulting company. I’m very excited about the company and the role, and it’s a better fit than my previous opportunity. It’s an eight-person team, consisting of the owner, two VPs who report to him, an executive assistant who reports to him, and […]

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my employers want to pay for my surgery — but I want a raise

A reader writes: I work in a large company (not in the U.S.) in a somewhat managerial position. I am in charge of three different crucial departments and work alongside the owner of the company and his lovely kids. It is a multi-million dollar family-owned company with approximately 35 employees. I have been extremely lucky […]

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are better managers … ever actually worse?

A reader writes: I have a big-picture workplace question. I was at my previous company for five years, three years with Jane as my boss, and two years with Jack as my boss. Jane and Jack had very different management styles. Jane was extremely hands-off, while Jack fit the textbook definition of a “good manager” much better […]

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my boss sucks and there’s nothing I can do

A reader writes: I work at a large company in marketing. I relocated for this job, but we’ve been remote during my entire year and a half tenure here. I don’t have any social connections here, but I took this job because it was a great opportunity for growth and I really liked the hiring […]

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