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my client is always late paying me

A reader writes: One of my clients, a creative agency, has always had issues paying my invoices on time, but it’s getting worse. Every single time I send an invoice, I have to go back and remind them to pay me. It’s a great company, but I’m starting to get frustrated that I can’t send […]

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I accidentally ghosted a client

A reader asks: I recently took on a freelance web design project at an hourly rate. However, I ran into some issues that I hadn’t anticipated having to deal with, and my anxiety got the better of me after we had to cancel a meeting a few weeks ago, and I haven’t responded to any […]

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how to deal with a client who’s always late

A reader writes: I run a professional services consulting business. I work from home and all of my clients are elsewhere, so our meetings are always over the phone or Skype. For the most part, I love my clients, but one of them has a chronic problem with being late or simply blowing off our […]

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what are my obligations to a client when a project drags on?

A reader asks: What are a consultant’s obligations to a client whose project timeline is just dragging on indefinitely? I have a client who expected work to be completed over a short amount of time (about 6 weeks). I was paid a lump sum for the project as detailed in the original scope of work. […]

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is it crazy to quit my job to go freelance in 2021?

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I am considering leaving my job to build my own business as a freelancer (copywriting / digital content marketing). I’m not ready to quit just yet, but I plan to start building up my savings account and take on more side projects and sign up […]

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are my clients hiring me to do work their companies believe they’re doing on their own?

A reader writes: I’m a somewhat newish, full-time freelancer (data visualization and reporting). Previously, I was an employee for many, many years at huge financial institutions, so that’s my “level-set” in terms of business norms (conservative, process-driven, high awareness of confidentiality). It has happened twice (among 20ish contracts) that I find out some time after […]

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