Interviewing is stressful! Here are answers to every question you can imagine about impressing your interviewer and getting the job.

can you ask an interviewer to stop talking so much?

A reader writes: I recently had a job interview where I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask about the role and the firm that were going to be pretty important in my decision with whether to continue with the process. The interview was booked for a 45-minute time slot, and the interviewer […]

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is being offered a job too quickly a red flag?

A reader writes: I work in an technical aspect of healthcare. In my city I have heard there is a shortage of people in my field. A lot of people left during Covid and my small city has experienced rapid growth. I have recently decided to look for a new job. My independently owned clinic […]

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is it still OK to wear a mask to a job interview?

A reader writes: I am a new grad from an MLIS degree and I am also high-risk for Covid. I am now starting the job searching process, and I just got an email asking me to come for an interview. I am still masking everywhere in my life, which is non-negotiable for me, but I’m […]

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should I offer to work for less so that someone will hire me?

A reader writes: I’ve been job-seeking unsuccessfully since December 2020, most likely due to my lack of real work experience. I went to graduate school straight after my undergrad and had several internships but no full-time work experience. While I’ve made it to final round interviews several times, I’ve never been able to close the […]

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how to ask about salary when you’re invited to interview

A reader writes: I have been applying for a few jobs and have had interviews. It seems that it takes some time getting through the interview process before salary expectations are discussed. More often than not, within my field at least, the salary ranges for the position responsibilities and requirements are notoriously low. I don’t […]

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