Interviewing is stressful! Here are answers to every question you can imagine about impressing your interviewer and getting the job.

can I ask a company to speed up their hiring process?

A reader writes: I am interviewing with several companies, two of which I really like. Company A, I interviewed twice already, and they’ve been very responsive to my emails and thank-you notes. They also reached out to me without me emailing them first and told me there’s been a delay in hiring but they will […]

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was my interviewer in the wrong … or was I?

A reader writes: I was wondering if you could help enlighten me on an extremely odd situation I had and whether I was wrong in any way. A few months ago, I applied to an entry-level assistant/reception position for a large company. A third-party recruiter posted the listing, so he contacted me for an initial […]

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can I set a limit on how many interviews I’ll do with a company?

A reader writes: I’m currently interviewing for new jobs, and the entire process is remote. I’ve noticed that the number of interviews for a single position is way higher than in previous years when I’ve looked for a job. In one position I’ve been through seven rounds of interviews, with no indication that a decision […]

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should I withdraw from an interview process to force an offer?

A reader writes: As a hopeful job hunter, I’ve recently twice encountered the dreaded and oft-lamented phenomenon of being ghosted or strung along after multiple rounds of interviews. In one instance, my follow-ups get no response whatsoever, but I see that the job is re-posted on LinkedIn (albeit with very few applicants). In the other, […]

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obnoxiously pushy recruiter wouldn’t let me decline a job interview, then snarked me when I turned down the job

A reader writes: I’m writing after one of the more frustrating attempts to decline a bad fit job interview I’ve ever had. For context: I’m an artist and in my “rent job” a contractor, although the pandemic made me realize my contractor path needs to seriously change and so I’m currently navigating that. A few […]

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when recruiters ask, “how did the interview go?”

A reader writes: I’m currently interviewing for a position with a large tech company. I’ve had a phone screener, an interview with team members, and an interview with the head of the team. This all happened over the course of two weeks. A few days ago, the recruiter emailed me asking to set up a […]

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