how to screen out micromanagers in a job interview

A reader writes: I am part of the interview team in finding a replacement for our ex-manager. And our department would really like this person to not be another micromanager. Any ideas for questions I could ask? Or any red flags in the interviewee’s answers/demeanor to watch out for? I answer this question over at […]

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my interview was great — but they hired no one instead of me

A reader writes: I am a restaurant industry professional, in the field of wine and beverage management. My experience in this area is fairly competitive and accomplished for my city (I have about seven years in management level wine/beverage director roles, and more junior but still relevant experience prior to that). COVID-19 has taken a […]

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should I fake interest in the job during an interview?

A reader writes: What is your opinion on feigning enthusiasm for a job during an interview? For a few months now, I’ve been unemployed, like so many others. I’ve been actively applying to jobs that fit my skills and experience, but there aren’t many choices in my industry. It’s rare to find something to apply […]

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