is this job description full of red flags?

A reader writes: I’m a content marketer with a good amount of experience launching new programs successfully. At the beginning of this year, I connected with a VP of marketing at a start-up. Shortly after, “George” contacted me and said he needed someone to launch a content marketing program and thought I would be a […]

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my interviewer asked about my personal finances

A reader writes: Is it normal for a hiring manager to ask, somewhat insistently, how a candidate has been supporting herself financially during a period of unemployment? If it’s not normal, which is my suspicion, what could possibly be behind this? I work in a niche field and was laid off last year in a […]

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how to screen out micromanagers in a job interview

A reader writes: I am part of the interview team in finding a replacement for our ex-manager. And our department would really like this person to not be another micromanager. Any ideas for questions I could ask? Or any red flags in the interviewee’s answers/demeanor to watch out for? I answer this question over at […]

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