Interviewing is stressful! Here are answers to every question you can imagine about impressing your interviewer and getting the job.

how to request time off for a last-minute interview

A reader writes: I’m currently interviewing for a new position and I passed the first two rounds of interviews (yeah me!). Those two interviews were done online and I could manage my workday around them easily. However, the next round of interviews is an on-site all-day kind of meeting, and that would require a couple […]

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how to answer “tell me about yourself” in a job interview

It’s common for job interviews to open with a question that sounds simple on its surface but which many job seekers find difficult to answer: “Tell me about yourself.” Job seekers often aren’t sure exactly what interviewers want to know when they ask that question. Are they requesting a full history of your life? Should […]

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how to answer “why are you interested in this position?”

Sit down for any job interview and one of the first questions you’re likely to be asked is, “Why are you interested in this position?” For a lot of interviewers, this is a softball question: a way to ease into the interview without hitting you with high-pressure questions the minute you sit down. And to […]

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10 impressive questions to ask in a job interview

It’s the question you’re likely to be asked at the end of every job interview: “What questions do you have for me?” As someone who’s interviewed probably thousands of job candidates in my career, I’m always taken aback by how many people don’t have questions about the job at all. After all, you’re considering spending […]

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do I still need to wear a suit to a job interview?

A reader writes: I read your blog religiously and am excited to have some interviews coming up! Looking back through your archives, like these posts in 2015, 2012, and 2008, you have me convinced that my best option is to wear a suit for these interviews. But when it comes to actually shopping for a […]

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