workplace practices

Is your office normal? Workplace practices can be wildly different from office to office. Here’s a reality check on yours.

I’m in charge of our disgusting office kitchen

A reader writes: I am an administrative assistant for a small company (about 50 people). My problem, especially now that folks are fully returned to office, is the cleanliness of the kitchen. As any admin in charge of the office kitchen will tell you, it is a NIGHTMARE. Food left on counters, molding fruit in […]

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is it safe to share at my company’s “courageous conversation” on menopause?

A reader writes: My company is proposing a workshop to have “courageous conversations” with colleagues about menopause. There is no professional facilitating this; it is an open discussion. The message about it says it will be “a safe space that is inclusive and supportive” and “an informal discussion among peers.” My company is heavily promoting […]

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is it normal to cancel days off for a resigning employee?

A reader writes: I am a new manager, though I’ve led individual contributors on project-based work for a large part of my career. My direct manager, “Sam,” said something puzzling to me last week and I’ve been chewing on it all weekend. One of my direct reports, “Drew,” put in their two-week notice on Monday. […]

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managing mental health at work: a round-up

Here’s a round-up of posts about managing mental health at work. talking to your boss should you tell your boss if you’re struggling with mental health issues? should I disclose my depression to my boss? how to talk to your boss about mental health issues should I tell my boss I’m in therapy and on […]

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how can I make our on-site perks fair for our remote employees?

A reader writes: I manage a team that’s a mix of on-site employees and remote workers. I’m intentional about keeping my remote workers included in both regular work-related and social/sidebar conversations. However, we’ll sometimes order lunch for everyone in the office or have an occasional pizza party. What’s something related I can do for my […]

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