workplace practices

should offices have policies on healthy eating?

A reader writes: I’m curious about how to institute a workplace healthy eating policy that is respectful and non-judgmental. The background: I work for a health charity that focuses on a single chronic disease. Our regional office in particular is on the west coast and is a little hyper-aware of being healthy leaders. We don’t […]

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my company gives terrible gifts

A reader writes: Every year, my company (with around 70 employees) picks out one corporate gift and sends it to all of us. Every year, it is terrible. One year they delivered hams to our homes, despite us having a fair number of vegetarians and Muslims on staff. One year they sent us all branded […]

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do I have to go to my office’s holiday Zoom happy hour?

A reader writes: Last year my company hosted a holiday Zoom “cocktail hour.” I didn’t attend since it was at 7 pm and at that time I am getting my kids ready for bed. I didn’t hear anything about it until mid-October this year. My boss emailed me directly and told me that the company […]

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