workplace practices

Is your office normal? Workplace practices can be wildly different from office to office. Here’s a reality check on yours.

my performance evaluation is based on activities outside of work

A reader writes: I started my new job about six months ago, and I knew from the beginning that things like professional development, networking, and community involvement were highly encouraged at this company. What I didn’t expect was for these things to be mandatory to the extent that my performance review is based on them. […]

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the locusts, the un-appreciation kits, and even more stories of corporate gifts that didn’t quite work out

On last week’s post about corporate year-end gifts, some readers shared even more stories of company gifts that went terribly wrong. Here are 10 more that made me laugh. 1. The locusts “My prior company gave everyone a small tree and encouraged people to plant it. Now these were small seedlings maybe 2 inches inside […]

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what gifts should we give employees when nothing has universal appeal?

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: One of my responsibilities is overseeing the year-end employee gifts — planning, choosing, ordering, delivering, etc. It’s a lot and I’ve struggled to find the best way to go about it. We have about 200 employees scattered over a large regional area, and many are […]

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I can’t escape Halloween Town

A reader writes: I live in a small city which doesn’t have many employment opportunities. The city has a high unemployment rate, and it’s rare to find work that isn’t in shops, farming, etc. Six years ago, the city council launched a project to fund start-up business ideas for marginalized individuals, including those with disabilities. […]

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what’s up with the term “work wife”?

A reader writes: I’m wondering what your (or your readers’) thoughts are on the term “work wife.” Recently a coworker referred to me (a woman) as another (male) coworker’s work wife, and it totally bugged me out. I brushed it off at the time but internally felt VERY icky about it. Personally, I feel like […]

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how can we help teams feel connected when people are working remotely?

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I’m in a development/leadership training cohort, tasked with coming up with an online library/toolkit around creating greater feeling of connection (think engagement and team-building activities designed for both in-office and hybrid teams). I’m curious to hear from readers what their organizations have done to promote […]

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