The switch from school to work can be hard. If you’re a student with a question about job searching or having a job, these answers are for you.

should we require resumes from high school volunteers?

A reader writes: I work as a year-round educator. I love working with kids, and the greater flexibility during summer has let me show off my passions in ways that I don’t have time to do during the school year. At a recent meeting with my summer boss, I suggested that we have our high […]

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how can I explain why I went to a for-profit school?

A reader writes: I graduated from DeVry in the late 80’s. I earned a four-year B.S. there. I was heavily recruited (high test scores) by many colleges and ultimately it came down to a UC and DeVry. DeVry was on a trimester system, so I would graduate in three years vs. four years, and I […]

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colleges’ “competency badges” for students are a terrible idea

A reader writes: I saw a segment on the news today about “digital badges,” which a few universities are trying to offer so students can show competency in specific workplace skills, and I was really curious what you would think. (Link here. The segment about the badges starts around 43:25.) My first impression was that this […]

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6 lies your career center told you

With a new class of graduates about to enter the full-time job market, a lot of them are seeking job search advice from their college career centers. Unfortunately, the advice that a lot of colleges are doling out is often outdated and frequently downright bad. In fact, as a workplace advice columnist, when I ask […]

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