the plague

employees who won’t wear masks should be fired

During the Capitol riots last month, as lawmakers took shelter in a small, windowless room a group of Republican legislators refused to wear masks – infuriating many of their colleagues and leading to at least eight infections among members of Congress. It’s a situation that’s being replicated in workplaces around the country, as employees are […]

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my coworker refuses to wear a mask

A reader writes: My company implemented a mask policy (everyone must wear a mask whenever they are outside of their own office/cubicle) back in May, and a state mask mandate went into effect in July. Both of those things are still active, and my coworker Bob is still the lone hold-out on the mask rule. […]

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what do we do about end-of-year celebrations during the pandemic?

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question: I work for a multinational company. Normally at the end of the year, various geographic offices would have holiday parties/dinners. Obviously this won’t happen this year due to the plague. One of our teams in the UK is investigating online escape rooms, which sounds fun! But are there […]

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