bad advice

There’s a lot of bad job search advice out there, even from the internet! Here’s how to spot bad job advice — and what to do instead.

I lied to my interviewer about being employed

A reader writes: I got a job offer last week that I’m really excited about, especially because I was let go in mid-January and it’s been stressful to job hunt. I was recruited to apply for a few different positions, and one ended up with an offer. I told the recruiter I wasn’t currently employed, […]

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will interviewers ask what you achieved during the pandemic?

A reader writes: I’ve been seeing people online say that in the future, job interviewers will ask candidates questions like, “What did you do to continue developing your skills during the pandemic?” and “What did you achieve during the shutdown, even if you weren’t working?” Some people in my circle have been spending time figuring […]

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do I need to do something creative to get a job?

A reader writes: I finished my master’s degree about six months ago and have been searching for a job ever since. I’m currently working an unpaid internship in the field I want to work in, but it is unlikely to lead to a full-time, paid position. I have been continuing to apply to various positions […]

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is “I get every job I interview for” really a bragging point?

A reader writes: I keep hearing over and over from people offering job search advice that they “have gotten every job they’ve ever interviewed for.” Is that really something worth bragging about? Does it change by industry/skills needed for the job? For context, a lot of people I’ve heard this from are either entry-level/early career, […]

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I think my life coach is giving me bad advice

A reader writes: I graduated from college last year and quickly found a job in my field of study (journalism). It wasn’t my dream position, but I enjoyed it. I was unfortunately laid off, without very good reason. That was about two months ago and I have been job hunting since. My parents thought I […]

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