bad advice

There’s a lot of bad job search advice out there, even from the internet! Here’s how to spot bad job advice — and what to do instead.

is “I get every job I interview for” really a bragging point?

A reader writes: I keep hearing over and over from people offering job search advice that they “have gotten every job they’ve ever interviewed for.” Is that really something worth bragging about? Does it change by industry/skills needed for the job? For context, a lot of people I’ve heard this from are either entry-level/early career, […]

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I think my life coach is giving me bad advice

A reader writes: I graduated from college last year and quickly found a job in my field of study (journalism). It wasn’t my dream position, but I enjoyed it. I was unfortunately laid off, without very good reason. That was about two months ago and I have been job hunting since. My parents thought I […]

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colleges’ “competency badges” for students are a terrible idea

A reader writes: I saw a segment on the news today about “digital badges,” which a few universities are trying to offer so students can show competency in specific workplace skills, and I was really curious what you would think. (Link here. The segment about the badges starts around 43:25.) My first impression was that this […]

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8 weird workplace myths that you probably believe

As a workplace advice columnist, I hear people believing and repeating a lot of misinformation about jobs and work. Here are eight of the most common myths I hear about work – and the facts for each. Take a look and see if you’ve fallen victim to any of these mistaken beliefs. 1. Myth: When you’re […]

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6 lies your career center told you

With a new class of graduates about to enter the full-time job market, a lot of them are seeking job search advice from their college career centers. Unfortunately, the advice that a lot of colleges are doling out is often outdated and frequently downright bad. In fact, as a workplace advice columnist, when I ask […]

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3 pieces of job search advice that don’t work in real life

Some job searching advice feels like it was dreamed up in a lab by people who have never hired or even done much interviewing as a candidate, because it won’t work well in real life. Here are three pieces of popular advice about job searching that don’t typically play out the way they’re intended. 1. […]

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