advice about your coworkers

Need advice about your coworkers? Here are answers to questions from dealing with a coworker who sings all day, to interrupters, to credit-stealers, and much more.

my coworker makes mistakes that affect my work

A reader writes: I have a colleague who I depend on for data for a recurring project. Every time the update is due, I schedule check-in meetings weeks in advance and make it explicitly clear that I need X by [date] and Y by [date]. And every. single. time. my colleague slips the deadline, running […]

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everyone at work is hanging out without me

Here is the second post in the collaboration I did with Jennifer Peepas from CaptainAwkward. Part one is here. 1. Everyone in the office is hanging out without me and it feels like high school I work in a very clique-y office where I am just not in the main clique. I have a coworker […]

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can I talk about my boyfriend’s other girlfriend at work?

I met up with the wonderful Jennifer Peepas of Captain Awkward while she was in town and it was lovely! We decided to collaborate on answering a few questions together and crosspost them to both sites, and this is the first of two posts from that joint effort.  1. Can I talk about my boyfriend’s […]

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my coworker has overstepped with my eating disorder

A reader writes: I’ve battled an eating disorder my whole life and it tends to come on when I am experiencing stress in situations that are out of my control. I recently ended my relationship with my fiancé of nine years which, as a result, triggered me to lapse back into old behavior. I thankfully […]

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