advice about your coworkers

Need advice about your coworkers? Here are answers to questions from dealing with a coworker who sings all day, to interrupters, to credit-stealers, and much more.

my coworker/friend is abusing work-from-home privileges

A reader writes: My company started everyone on work from home recently due to COVID-19. I have two close work friends and we still chat regularly online. All of us take little breaks for non-work activities (switching laundry over, grabbing a snack) but I have tried to make sure I walk away from my computer […]

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let’s see your animal coworkers

With so much stressful content lately, we need more animal photos. Since so many people are working at home right now, we need to see photos of your animal colleagues — your cat on your keyboard, your dog in your desk chair, your ferret on a conference call. Submit your pets-working-at-home photos to and […]

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did I overreact to my argument with a coworker?

A reader writes: I have a question about a situation I encountered in my previous job. I am a software engineer. Like many tech companies, my previous office made heavy use of Slack, including several automated notifications, aka bots (for example, if an error showed up in the logs, we might get a notification from […]

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my coworkers have a crush on my boss … and are taking it out on me

A reader writes: I’m the executive assistant for a small company. I’m the direct support for the VP of human resources, “Dave,” who is very charismatic and likable and a generally nice guy. He’s also very good looking. However, he’s very professional with great business boundaries. I enjoy working with him. Two managers in particular, […]

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why do highly qualified people stay at dysfunctional companies?

A reader writes: What motivation do good, highly qualified managers have to stay at a company where there’s lots of strife and politics? Nearly a year ago, my large, multinational company hired an Evil VP. He’s located in the new headquarters in the U.S. while our office of 50 people is in a different country. […]

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my coworker had an affair with my wife

A reader writes: A few months ago, I found out my wife was having an affair with one of my teammates. I reported the incident to my boss, who then reported it to their boss. I was allowed to work from home for a week following the reporting to allow time for the teammate to […]

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