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November 2022

  • updates: coworker refuses to share their screen, a nasty Glassdoor review with my title, and more
  • updates: I’m the only one in the office, the fake alma mater, and more
  • updates: pregnant coworker keeps saying awful things to my terminally ill sister, and more
  • update: my coworker keeps bringing me “problems” that aren’t problems … and they’re definitely not HER problems
  • our holiday party is mandatory, but I don’t want to be around unmasked coworkers
  • update: the CEO is obsessed with me and wants me to be his emotional support
  • dog rampage in the office, temps accused me of bullying, and more
  • updates: my boss sent me a message urging me to follow Jesus, and more
  • update: my boss won’t stop texting me — and I’m in a hospital bed
  • update: new hire keeps kneeling in front of me
  • update: our boss is demanding a gift with an accounting of names and how much each person contributed
  • ice-breakers don’t have to suck
  • update: governor yanked telework for state employees and my office is in chaos
  • I’m starting to hate my customers, employee wants a month off in our busy period, and more
  • updates: the physically demanding team-building, the weekend sleepover, and more
  • update: my manager says my shyness is seen as rudeness
  • update: my employee is freezing out a manager after he joked about King Charles
  • the schedule for updates this year
  • how to tell an assistant, “just fix the problem!”
  • update: I started a business with two coworkers and I’m doing all the work
  • coworker asks about my personal finances, gender differences in dress codes, and more
  • weekend open thread – November 26-27, 2022
  • open thread – November 25-26, 2022
  • Thanksgiving free-for-all – November 24, 2022
  • Thanksgiving eve open thread
  • the baby grand piano, the legend of Buddy, and other tales of holiday woes
  • the cake hoarder, the missing egg, and other stories of holiday mayhem
  • I don’t want to go to our holiday party, I think my coworker is working two jobs at once, and more
  • the holiday perfume, the ancient fruitcake, and other stories of holidays at work
  • the thief and the hero, the crockpot discrimination, and other stories of potlucks at work
  • how can I take time off when my team needs it more?
  • I saw a coworker’s email complaining about me, delayed written offer, and more
  • the Thanksgiving tyrant, the very special salad, and other stories of potlucks at work
  • how to ensure a religious new hire won’t proselytize at work
  • my coworker wants me to do all the work he sends me ASAP, even when I have higher priorities
  • my company wants remote employees to take a pay cut, free tuition for employees’ kids, and more
  • weekend open thread – November 19-20, 2022
  • it’s your Friday good news
  • open thread – November 18-19, 2022
  • how to guide teens toward career goals, coworker sent a dramatic all-team email after I asked for my chair back, and more
  • should I tell my tantrum-throwing coworker that she’s sabotaging herself?
  • Ask a Manager in the media
  • how do I manage a “regular” job with a parallel career as a musician?
  • my coworker prayed that I’ll return to Jesus, coworker went through my laptop bag, and more
  • we’re supposed to do ice-breakers at every single meeting, even routine ones
  • should I let someone who no-called no-showed come back to work?
  • my company will only give me a raise if I quit first
  • I’m missing out on a lunch break because I’m vegetarian, coworker calls his girlfriend during projects, and more
  • I get angry when I’m praised for doing work I don’t like
  • my boss won’t let me move to another state — but I’m remote
  • should I get rid of remote work because our in-office staff thinks it’s unfair?
  • can I ask my new employee to babysit, my boss thinks I lack confidence but I don’t, and more
  • my new boss scolded us about our private chat messages
  • how can I stop my office’s “I’m sorry” culture?
  • I work at Twitter … what do I do?
  • my boss keeps weed in the office, should I warn coworkers about my chin tuck, and more
  • weekend open thread – November 12-13, 2022
  • it’s your Friday good news
  • open thread – November 11-12, 2022
  • we can’t get the highest performance rating 2 years in a row, holding a retreat at a coworker’s house, and more
  • how can I get recruiters to just tell me the job’s salary from the start?
  • is “we have a great culture” an attempt to disguise low pay and weak benefits?
  • when office potlucks go wrong
  • employer recorded audio and video while I was in bed … and more
  • my boss wants to know what the private appointments on my calendar are
  • how to say no without sounding negative
  • my team excludes me from lunches because of my dietary restrictions
  • my coworker doesn’t understand anything I say, working from abroad without telling your employer, and more
  • should I tell an employee that the new hire sitting right across from him all day is unvaccinated?
  • my employee always gets other people’s help on his work
  • my employee is upset that her work-life balance means she won’t get promoted here
  • is it wrong to remind coworkers to vote, resting your eyes at work, and more
  • the gong, the missing reply-all button, and other weird things companies thought would boost productivity
  • my employee gets stressed out and snaps at me
  • my manager told me that my male coworkers earn $40-60K more than I do
  • boss confided family issues to me, I don’t want my horrible manager at my wedding, and more
  • weekend open thread – November 5-6, 2022
  • it’s your Friday good news
  • open thread – November 4-5, 2022
  • I don’t want to start a business with my mom, misleading starting salary, and more
  • can you ask an interviewer to stop talking so much?
  • how to respond to “sorry” when you were inconvenienced
  • my male coworkers keep vomiting emotionally on me
  • teen daughter wants to quit her new job, can we tell our unhappy coworker to leave, and more
  • our boss gave a lecture about self-care to our very overworked team
  • my employee’s colleagues don’t like him
  • my employee refuses to do her job and leads me in circles about why she won’t
  • coworker brings her baby to every meeting, manager is shocked no one sent a thank-you note for our raises, and more
  • my interviewer sent me an email saying my scars are triggering
  • my manager insists on unreasonable deadlines for my projects
  • how do I care about work when my life is falling apart … and other mental health questions
  • employee wants more praise but he’s not doing a good job, nosy coworker, and more
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