Here are updates from people who had their work questions answered here in the past. Find out what happened!

updates: disclosing PTSD, faking interest in a job, and more

Here are four updates from past letter-writers. 1. Disclosing PTSD at work (#2 at the link) Alison kindly responded to my email privately with some extra info, and I thought I’d give an update. I followed her advice and let my supervisors know I’m dealing with PTSD due to complicated family issues. They were extremely […]

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update: my coworker refuses to wear a mask

Remember the letter-writer whose coworker refused to wear a mask, despite the company mask policy? The first update was here, and here’s the latest. I wrote to you last year about a non-masking coworker, and wanted to provide a second happy update, if I may. First, I wanted to say thank you for publishing my question, […]

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update: my overpaid coworker is rude, rarely here, and calls us “uptight” and “slaves” for caring about our jobs

Remember the letter-writer whose overpaid coworker is rude, rarely here, and called colleagues “uptight” and “slaves” for caring about their jobs? Here’s the update. A few readers asked for an update, so…TL;DR Cersei is gone! Some things that transpired after I sent in the letter were that Cersei asked to be moved to part-time, and they […]

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