update: car alarm keeps disrupting our office

Remember the letter-writer who was being constantly disrupted by a car alarm outside her office? Here’s the rather magnificent update. Thanks so much for helping me with this. Glad to know I wasn’t the only person thinking this situation was beyond illogical. Just a clarification of why certain actions could not be taken. I mentioned […]

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update: we have twice-daily mandatory group therapy at work

Remember last week’s letter-writer whose office was requiring people to attend twice-daily group therapy? Here’s the update. Hi! OP here! OMG it’s been a week. So when I wrote this, I called out the whole week because I couldn’t wrap my head around all of this, and I had luckily enough gotten a job interview […]

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update: I accidentally hugged the CEO

One of my favorite letters ever was from someone who accidentally hugged her CEO in the elevator one morning. And now there’s an update! I’m the reader who accidentally hugged her CEO. I heard your podcast episode on awkwardness and figured I’d send you an update. In short, everything turned out fine. My burning mortification […]

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