bad interviewer behavior

There are lots of bad job interviewers out there! Here’s how to have a good interview even if you’re stuck with a bad interviewer.

was my interviewer in the wrong … or was I?

A reader writes: I was wondering if you could help enlighten me on an extremely odd situation I had and whether I was wrong in any way. A few months ago, I applied to an entry-level assistant/reception position for a large company. A third-party recruiter posted the listing, so he contacted me for an initial […]

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do I have any recourse when an employer ghosts me?

A reader writes: I know you’ve written that when job searching it’s best to assume you won’t hear back at every stage, and then to let any positive news be a pleasant surprise. I like the idea of this, but I can’t get past the fact that ghosting is still incredibly rude, especially at the […]

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my interviewer asked about my personal finances

A reader writes: Is it normal for a hiring manager to ask, somewhat insistently, how a candidate has been supporting herself financially during a period of unemployment? If it’s not normal, which is my suspicion, what could possibly be behind this? I work in a niche field and was laid off last year in a […]

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my interviewer berated me and called me a liar

A reader writes: I royally screwed up today in the middle of an interview process and got weird reaction from the recruiter in the process. Where do I go from here? I’ve been underemployed as freelancer for the past few months due to COVID-19 and have been actively job searching and networking to not much […]

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why don’t people walk out of bad job interviews?

I hear a lot of stories about terrible job interviews – the interviewer who demanded to look inside a candidate’s purse, interviewers who are rude and hostile or even explicitly insulting, candidates who are left waiting for hours after taking time off work, and much more. One common denominator in these stories is that when […]

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