Everything you need to know about layoffs at your company, being laid off, severance, negotiations, and what to expect when your employer is cutting staff.

I thought of work as my family — and then they laid me off

A reader writes: Recently, I have been silently replaced while furloughed through no fault of my own, although I was led to believe that they would be bringing me back. I somewhat feel betrayed because I loved the work and the job had my absolute loyalty and attention. I read the article you did with […]

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I don’t know how to get past my toxic job

A reader writes: Like many people, I’ve recently lost my job. My question is how to deal with the aftermath and get myself in better mental place for a job search. Let me give some background. My manager was a huge bully and a toxic person who belittled and emotionally manipulated the members of his […]

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can I ask my boss if layoffs are coming?

A reader writes: I am an admin at a large public university that has gone fully remote. Through the Covid-19 crisis, everyone is keeping their jobs with full pay, even if they can’t fulfill all their duties or find work for all their hours remotely. However, I am worrying about the fall, when the full […]

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how do I manage my stress and stay (reasonably) positive in the face of impending layoffs?

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: My company recently announced that they’re looking at the possibility of significant layoffs in the reasonably near future (6-8 weeks). My industry has been pretty hard hit by the Covid-19 situation, and it’s not something I didn’t see coming, but it still wasn’t great to […]

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