Everything you need to know about layoffs at your company, being laid off, severance, negotiations, and what to expect when your employer is cutting staff.

how to get severance pay when you’re fired or laid off

If you’re fired or laid off, can you expect or negotiate severance pay? What about if you’re resigning? You probably know that severance pay is an option in some situations, but you might not know when gets it, when, why, or how to take full advantage of your options. At New York Magazine today, I’ve […]

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I thought of work as my family — and then they laid me off

A reader writes: Recently, I have been silently replaced while furloughed through no fault of my own, although I was led to believe that they would be bringing me back. I somewhat feel betrayed because I loved the work and the job had my absolute loyalty and attention. I read the article you did with […]

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I don’t know how to get past my toxic job

A reader writes: Like many people, I’ve recently lost my job. My question is how to deal with the aftermath and get myself in better mental place for a job search. Let me give some background. My manager was a huge bully and a toxic person who belittled and emotionally manipulated the members of his […]

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can I ask my boss if layoffs are coming?

A reader writes: I am an admin at a large public university that has gone fully remote. Through the Covid-19 crisis, everyone is keeping their jobs with full pay, even if they can’t fulfill all their duties or find work for all their hours remotely. However, I am worrying about the fall, when the full […]

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