You’re resigning! Here’s what to say when you quit, when to do it, who to tell first, and why you don’t need a resignation letter.

should I tell the truth in my exit interview?

A reader writes: I’ve gotten a new job offer and have put in notice at my company that I’ve worked at for 10 years now. HR has contacted me saying they will be doing an exit interview. I already know the format will be a list of questions rating the company 1-5 on how they […]

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how do I give notice to my boss if they’re on vacation?

A reader writes: I am planning to go back to school a month from now, to up-skill and ultimately career switch. Originally, I intended to provide my boss 2.5 weeks of notice before starting my program. However, I just found out this morning that my boss will be on a month-long vacation starting mid next […]

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can I tell my boss I’m a bad fit for my job?

A reader writes: Since early 2021, I have been working as an administrative assistant in a fairly specific field (think a specialized field within a larger industry). I changed jobs in June of this year, as my previous role was only part-time and that wasn’t working out for me. There were some other culture issues […]

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are there times when you can’t ethically quit a job?

A reader writes: I’ve read your site for a long time, so I’m pretty sure that your advice here is going to be to do what’s best for me (and if that’s leaving, then leave), but my question is: Are there circumstances under which you really shouldn’t leave a job? My scenario is this: I […]

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the employee who quit via cod and other dramatic resignations

When you quit your job, the process is usually pretty mundane — a meeting to deliver the news and a discussion of how to wrap up items you’re working on — but occasionally a resignation is more memorable. A while back, I asked readers to share the most dramatic resignations they’ve witnessed. Over at Inc. today, […]

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how soon can I quit a new job with a tyrannical boss?

A reader writes: I was hoping to write to you with good news about an exciting new job, but, it’s only been a week and I’m already wondering if I should quit. My last job of two years at a large company was fine but not great: the management was lackluster and I wasn’t really […]

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