You’re resigning! Here’s what to say when you quit, when to do it, who to tell first, and why you don’t need a resignation letter.

do I have to tell my boss where I’m going when I quit?

A reader writes: I wanted to ask how one can avoid saying where they are moving to after resigning at their job. An ex-colleague (let’s call him Jake) resigned and the boss insisted on knowing where he was going despite Jake trying to avoid saying. In the end, Jake gave the name of the company […]

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should I tell my boss I’m job-searching?

A reader writes: I have a question about how much notice to give my boss before leaving my role. While I have not received any offers of employment yet, I have begun to actively apply for jobs. My boss, with whom I have a very close working relationship, had previously asked me to give her […]

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was I wrong to quit my job?

A reader writes: I’m wondering if what I’m feeling about my resignation is normal, and how I can best position myself to still start my new role with confidence despite my fears. I gave notice at my job last week. My company is extremely small for our industry compared to the one I am going […]

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do I have to work in-office during my notice period?

A reader writes: What do you think about refusing to work in-office during my notice period despite an org-wide “return to office” policy that’s been in effect since September? Assume: • I can fully do my job from home • I don’t plan to use my bosses as references in the future • My workspace […]

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my boss told me not to tell anyone I’m quitting

A reader writes: I work for a small nonprofit that underwent a leadership transition earlier this year. A few months later, I’m the only surviving member of the staff, all of whom had long tenures with the organization (up to 35 years) and stellar service records. I won’t go into details about all of those […]

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my ex-boss isn’t that into me (but I’m still into her)

A reader writes: I recently left my old remote job of one year for a role with a new team in the same company. I thought I was close with my manager (messaging regularly for business and casual friendly text chats, Christmas gift, birthday gift — even drove one hour to ship me sweets from […]

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