how to quit your job

Based on my mail here, people agonize almost as much about how to resign their jobs as they do about deciding whether to resign in the first place. The logistics seem to really trip people up: When and how do you tell your boss? What if she’s upset or angry? Do you have to write a […]

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is it okay to blindside your boss when quitting?

A reader writes: I have a question about how unprofessional it is to “blindside” your boss when quitting. Six months ago I started a new job with a multinational company. I asked the internal recruiter specifically about travel expectations and how much interaction I needed to have with the other office. I’ve worked across countries […]

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should I show how angry I am when I resign?

A reader writes: Three months ago, I applied for a short-term contract position in order to get my foot in the door with a company in an industry I had previously worked in and missed immensely. Shortly before my interview, my resume was shared with a separate department in that company and I came in […]

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