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More answers to more work questions than you can imagine. Weird coworkers, difficult bosses, tricky clients — it’s all covered here.

interviewer asked “how low I was willing to go” on salary, will almost-floor-length hair hold me back professionally, and more

I’m on vacation. Here are some past letters that I’m making new again, rather than leaving them to wilt in the archives. 1. My interviewer asked “how low I was willing to go” on salary I had a wonderful phone interview that lead to an in-person interview. Both went extremely well and the job is […]

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dog rampage in the office, temps accused me of bullying, and more

It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go… 1. Misbehaving dog rampages around the office About four months ago, we were asked to return to the office after two amazing years working from home, first two days a week, then Monday through Thursday. We are a five-person design studio with three associates who own […]

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