external recruiters

Recruiters can be good or bad — and when they’re bad, they’re very bad. Here’s how to deal with recruiters in your job search.

is this recruiter way too intense, or is it just me?

A reader writes: About once or twice a month, I get an email from a random recruiter with a job. If I am interested I respond, but often never hear from them again. A few weeks ago, a recruiter reached out to me via Linkedin and email. I responded and wow! he responded back. On […]

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recruiter wants me to lie about my experience

A reader writes: Lately I’ve been troubled by a recruiter who appears to be encouraging me to lie about my qualifications to the companies he wants to submit me to. The first time, I lacked many of the qualifications listed in the job description and told the recruiter that I didn’t think that position was […]

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10 things job seekers hate about recruiters

Recruiters are often the gateway to a company you’d like to work for or a particular job you’d love to win. But recruiters aren’t always easy to work with, and often come with a whole host of aggravations that you don’t see as commonly if you’re talking directly with a hiring manager. First, a quick […]

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I think I went to a fake job interview

A reader writes: I applied for a job on Craigslist online three weeks ago. I was called to come in for an interview and learned it had been posted by a temp agency. So I went in for the interview and I thought it went really well. The recruiter who interviewed me told me that […]

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ask the readers: how can I work better with recruiters?

I’m going to throw this one out to the readers for advice. A reader writes: I’m hoping you or your readers have some wisdom for me on this. I work in a creative field, at a senior level, mostly in the digital realm. Up until now, I have found jobs on my own—good jobs. But […]

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