new grads

You’re a new grad! And work is weird and confusing. Here’s how to navigate life at work in your first few years after graduating.

what do you wish new grads learned in college?

A reader writes: This might be an “ask the readers” question — what do managers (and coworkers!) wish new graduates would have learned in college? I teach a lot of first- and second-year college students, and I try to incorporate professional norms into my classes and course design. I begin each class period with a […]

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6 lies your career center told you

With a new class of graduates about to enter the full-time job market, a lot of them are seeking job search advice from their college career centers. Unfortunately, the advice that a lot of colleges are doling out is often outdated and frequently downright bad. In fact, as a workplace advice columnist, when I ask […]

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is my first job supposed to be crappy?

A reader writes: I have a question about job searching as a new grad. I’m currently in the interview process for a job I’m really not so sure about. I haven’t received an offer or anything, but I wanted to ask a question about the standards I should have for my first job out of […]

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if you’re a new grad, here are some things for you

If you’re a new grad, or you’re about to be a new grad, here’s a round-up of a bunch of posts targeting you. (This round-up is also an essential part of my Being Lazy on Memorial Day plan.) do hiring managers really care about your GPA? It depends on what it is and what field you’re […]

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how bad is it to misrepresent your major and your GPA?

A reader writes: I’m a long-time reader and have learned so much from your site! However, I am now dealing with a situation for which I’m not sure where the ethical lines lie. I recently noticed that a friend of mine has been misrepresenting the major with which she graduated on her LinkedIn profile and […]

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