How to fire someone, being let go, preparing to lose your job — all your questions about workplace firings are answered here.

I’m supposed to fire my husband’s ex-wife

A reader writes: I have recently accepted a job I am excited about. I have been working a long time to get to this level of position. I am taking a week off before starting my new position. While I was interviewing for the new position, they mentioned that one of my potential direct reports, […]

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how to get severance pay when you’re fired or laid off

If you’re fired or laid off, can you expect or negotiate severance pay? What about if you’re resigning? You probably know that severance pay is an option in some situations, but you might not know when gets it, when, why, or how to take full advantage of your options. At New York Magazine today, I’ve […]

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I’m about to fire an employee … but we just hired her husband

A reader writes: One of my staff is about to be fired for grossly inadequate performance. I’m confident that we’re on safe legal ground with the firing, and her performance issues have been documented and addressed with no improvement. However, the complication is that we have just hired her husband to work within the same […]

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I was fired for what I think are trivial reasons

A reader writes: A while ago I lost a position after just a few weeks of working there. I got really good feedback on my interview, and even got great feedback during the first days for going above and beyond what was expected of new teammembers. After a while my grandboss asked me how I […]

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why won’t my company fire my notoriously terrible manager?

A reader writes: I was part of a mass exodus from my former employer, and most of us left because we didn’t want to continue working with our director, “Ken.” I can spare you the details, but Ken is completely awful. I saw wonderful coworkers who were otherwise completely pleasant and professional be reduced to […]

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my coworkers were fired … am I next?

A reader writes: For the last three months, I’ve worked at a small company doing a job I love. But there’s been some weirdness lately that makes me worry about my job. Here’s what’s going on: multiple people have been fired in a three-month period. They were all “not good fits” for various reasons that […]

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