Carnival of HR

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of the Carnival of HR. We’ve got 11 posts on a wide range of HR- and management-related topics, so here we go…

Why the Girl Scouts Think HR People Hate Them
Kris Dunn at the HR Capitalist, who has a serious talent for coming up with post titles that compel you to read, addresses how to handle solicitation policies in your company.

Diversity Thoughts
The Evil HR Lady presents her excellent Evil HR Lady school of diversity training.

New Year’s Resolutions for Managers and Supervisors
Execupundit offers 10 new year’s resolutions for managers. I’m angry that I didn’t think of that idea.

What would you do with Queen Frostine?
The Career Encouragement blog says: “If you are a manager or just a professionally minded go-getter, it can be tempting to jump in when you see problems between co-workers and get involved with get involved with monkeys that don’t belong in your tree. But think twice!”

‘Assist’ is the Operative Word
Lisa at HR Thoughts argues that those using HR’s services need to bring something to the table too.

The Apprentice Leader: Training for New Leaders
Wally Bock at Three Star Leadership says that even though an apprentice leader will learn more on the job than anywhere else, there’s still a need for training. Here’s what it should cover and how it should be structured.

China Specifics for 2008
Talent in China teaches you what to expect if you do HR or recruitment in China.

NLRB Rules that Employees have No Right to Use Employer E-mail for Union Solicitations and Announces New Standard for Discriminatory Policy Enforcement Charges
The Pennsylvania Employment Law Blog examines a new NLRB ruling on workplace union activity.

Transient Leadership
“We believe it takes a single leader to make a difference and we’ve made superstars of business leaders such as Jack Welch who were in “leadership” positions at successful companies,” writes Incentive Intelligence. “But I wonder if this is all history – and the future will be very different.”

Cognitive Reserve and Intellectually Demanding Jobs
Sharp Brains explores how stimulating jobs can protect our brains against decline as we age.

What to Do When You Make a Mistake at Work
And last, I take a look at how to handle it if — when — you make a mistake at work.

The next Carnival will be on January 23rd and hosted by Deb at 8 Hours & a Lunch.