you are turning off your interviewer without realizing it

If you’ve prepared for a job interview recently, you probably know the basics – bring extra copies of your resume, don’t badmouth your previous employers, arrive on time, blah blah blah. But there’s a lot more that goes into the kind of impression you make, and an awful lot of candidates do things that really […]

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I’m on a company’s do-not-hire list

A reader writes: About a year ago, I decided to apply for a sales position with a local software company. I got the interview and it was horrible. I was nervous and hadn’t slept well the night before and just did terribly, in my opinion. I did not get the job but was encouraged to […]

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how honest should you be in job interviews?

A reader writes: How honest and open should you be in an interview? For example, yesterday I had an in-person interview where both my interviewers were concerned that the job would not be a good match for my interests and skills. I deflected their concern at first, then later admitted that I shared it. Do […]

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