Interviewing is stressful! Here are answers to every question you can imagine about impressing your interviewer and getting the job.

how to ask about salary when you’re invited to interview

A reader writes: I have been applying for a few jobs and have had interviews. It seems that it takes some time getting through the interview process before salary expectations are discussed. More often than not, within my field at least, the salary ranges for the position responsibilities and requirements are notoriously low. I don’t […]

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can I ask a company to speed up their hiring process?

A reader writes: I am interviewing with several companies, two of which I really like. Company A, I interviewed twice already, and they’ve been very responsive to my emails and thank-you notes. They also reached out to me without me emailing them first and told me there’s been a delay in hiring but they will […]

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was my interviewer in the wrong … or was I?

A reader writes: I was wondering if you could help enlighten me on an extremely odd situation I had and whether I was wrong in any way. A few months ago, I applied to an entry-level assistant/reception position for a large company. A third-party recruiter posted the listing, so he contacted me for an initial […]

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can I set a limit on how many interviews I’ll do with a company?

A reader writes: I’m currently interviewing for new jobs, and the entire process is remote. I’ve noticed that the number of interviews for a single position is way higher than in previous years when I’ve looked for a job. In one position I’ve been through seven rounds of interviews, with no indication that a decision […]

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should I withdraw from an interview process to force an offer?

A reader writes: As a hopeful job hunter, I’ve recently twice encountered the dreaded and oft-lamented phenomenon of being ghosted or strung along after multiple rounds of interviews. In one instance, my follow-ups get no response whatsoever, but I see that the job is re-posted on LinkedIn (albeit with very few applicants). In the other, […]

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