I think I completely messed up this salary negotiation

A reader writes: I had an first-round interview for a job yesterday that went very well until they asked, “So, are you willing to be flexible on salary? Because we have to be honest, your desired salary is significantly higher than what we’ve budgeted for.” I’ve since done my research (which, admittedly, I should’ve done […]

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I guessed at a salary range for a job, overshot, and got rejected

A reader writes: After applying for a position, the hiring manager (who would also be my supervisor) emailed me saying that she wanted to interview me and asked me about my salary expectations. I researched average salaries for the position ($53k) and got back to her expressing my interest in the position, suggesting a few […]

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are the new overtime rules about to boost your paycheck?

A new regulation that’s widely expected to become law this summer might result in you receiving more money in your paycheck. The move stems from a change to the nation’s overtime laws. If you’re not earning at least $50,440 a year, the federal government is probably about to require your employer to pay you overtime whenever you work more than […]

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