Everything you need to know about salary — how to figure out what you should be earning, how to negotiate it, what to do if you’re lowballed, and much more.

how do I negotiate salary when I’m overpaid?

A reader writes: I’m nearing the final rounds of interviews for a few opportunities that I’m really excited about. In each of these conversations at varying times the recruiter or hiring manager has asked something like, “I just want to make sure we’re not wasting anyone’s time, can you share your current salary so we […]

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did I make a mistake by sharing my salary with a coworker?

A reader writes: I have always believed that knowledge is power, but when it comes to salaries, is there ever a reason to keep such things quiet? For my entire career, I have stayed in the dark about what my coworkers were earning and likewise did not share my salary either. This is the unspoken […]

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is there any good reason not to share salary bands within a company?

A reader writes: My company recently underwent a pay equity analysis, which revealed that we are in the middle of our industry for compensation and that we have a significant disproportion of white males in executive leadership. No big surprises there. However, part of the action plan is to create salary bands that will adhere […]

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you should ask for more money when you get a job offer. here’s how.

Since a lot of people are changing jobs right now, here’s a round-up of advice on negotiating salary when you get a job offer. Before the Offer Stage Salary Expectations how to answer questions about your salary expectations does an employer asking you to name your salary requirements first mean they’re jerks? Salary History how […]

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some findings from 24,000 people’s salaries

The salary survey a few weeks ago got a huge response — 24,000+ people shared their salaries and other info, which is a lot of raw data to sift through. Reader Elisabeth Engl kindly took the raw data and analyzed some of the trends in it and here’s what she found. (She asked me to […]

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