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A reader writes:

I have a question regarding pay raises. Today I received my one year review after working in a new department after six months time. The review went well and I scored fairly high, I was praised on all most every level, but one. They want me to take on more work, but they also acknowledged that I am extremely overworked.

So, when it came to the money portion I only received a 5% raise. I guess I just really don’t know how to act, because I have never received a review as wonderful as I’d gotten, or a raise as LOW as I’d gotten. The reviewer also stated that I made more than anyone in any the position that I was hired for (which I never ended up going to) the former postition that I’d worked in or the position that I am in now.

In my past positions the lowest pay raise that I’d ever received was $1.00.. and I was very upset about that. I guess with all things considered, especially how bad the economy is that I should be grateful, but I am still bewildered. Is this a normal pay rate? 5%?

Well, yeah, actually. I think the national average raise hovers somewhere right around 3% to 4%. I’m a little confused about whether you’re getting this raise after one year or six months, but if it’s six months, that’s definitely a decent raise. And if it’s a year, it’s pretty in line with what’s standard.

However, it sounds like your performance has been better than average, and there’s no reason you can’t ask for more. Go back to them and tell them you think your contributions warrant a higher increase, and explain why. You often have to ask to get something more than what everyone else is getting — go for it. And good luck.

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  1. Jessica*

    Good point – who cares if it’s standard? If you aren’t happy with it because you think you deserve more, say so. You may not get it, but you will have made your case and at least be satisfied that they know where you stand.

    Good luck!

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