Carnival of HR

Welcome to the latest edition of the Carnival of HR, featuring 26 posts from the HR and management blogging community. Those who have gone before me have managed to find unifying themes. I am not that good or that creative, so I have no theme. I do, however, have some awesome posts. Read on.

Wall Bock at Three Star Leadership asks what kind of working environment you create, and says that individual worker engagement is important, but engagement and productivity can change dramatically when a person is placed in a different environment.

Totally Consumed asks whether your employees trust the HR department and gives three principles to help get an HR department on track.

Prasad Kurian at Simplicity at the Other Side of Complexity says that when we are faced with situations that are radically different from the norm, we might need responses that look very different too.

The Career Encourager addresses the problem with passion (part 2).

Ann Bares at Compensation Force asks whether market pay survey data is accurate, given the economic turmoil.

Suzanne Lucas, known to many as the Evil HR Lady, gives us five things the election taught us about job interviews.

Dan McCarthy at Great Leadership offers up a practical guide for developing leaders.

HR Observations gives us both bad news and good news for women in HR.

Deb Owen at 8 hours & a lunch asks what businesses are doing to help employees cope in this economy.

HR Minion talks about why you want to be an energizing candidate.

Rowan Manahan at Fortify Your Oasis asks: When you cut through all the HR-speak, what are you really there to do?

Gautam Ghosh gives advice to MBAs during a recession.

HR Lori writes about vacation pay in the context of a closing business.

Birchtree’s Strategic Thinking asks if you’ve ever been bullied at work.

Infohrm looks at how world class organizations are using workforce data.

Nina Simosko writes about implementing change within your own realm.

Frank Mulligan explains the hiring process sequence in China.

Incentive Intelligence presents “Employee Performance and the Drunkard’s Walk.”

David Zinger writes about five management provocations.

Flip Chart Fairy Tales takes on business leaders who blame organizational culture when things go wrong.

Strategic Workforce Planning warns you to get prepared for the next challenge you’ll face.

The New Social Business Blog talks about the need to focus leadership on horizontal relationships, not just vertical ones.

Susan at Human Resources notes that her recommendation to nix political discussion at work was hotly contested by some who posted on her site this election season.

Inflexion Advisors gives us three no-brainer ways to be eco-friendly at work.

Mark Bennett at Talented Apps talks about how Web 2.0, etc. has made it easier to be a leader.

And I answer a reader’s question about what to do about employees who burp constantly throughout the day.

The next Carnival, on November 26, will be hosted by Rowan Manahan at Fortify Your Oasis.